My Android Confirms That There Is Sexy Life On Planet Pron

If you're the kind of person who spends a lot of time thumbing through smut on your Android device, then I highly recommend you download Planet Pron. It's elegant, easy to use, and gives you quick access to a huge variety of porn. Sure, there are a few kinks to work out here and there, but how nitpicky can you get about a free app that connects you to loads of naughty pics and vids?

It's easy to see all of the time, thought, and concern for the average porn-peruser that went into Planet Pron: the app itself is gentle on the eyes, everything loads and plays smoothly, and you can easily filter what you want by checking off a list of forty-five niches. Even the logo, double neon purple P's on a black square, has a nice vibe to it. In many ways, Planet Pron feels like a streamlined tube site that also offers photo galleries, and if you throw down for the Premium version ($20) you don't have to deal with any ads. A tube site without intrusive ads all on your phone? Yes, it does sound like a fantasy, but this is real.

The security features are also rather impressive. The app can be easily muted while watching a video, you can lock the app with a password so no curious fingers find their way to it, and they even offer a decoy icon that reads Profile Pro so no one will even be tempted to tap your smut supply.

Is it necessary to buy a fancy version of Planet Pron? I'm going to say yes. The free account gets you access to all of the content, but you have to buy a subscription to enjoy many of the neat features. I can respect the need to entice, but it's a bit of bummer to have to pay $5 (only one time) for a Pro account in order to enjoy the zoom function, better quality pictures, and the ability to save favorites. The Premium gets you lifetime Pro membership and removes all ads for six months. The kind developers let us try a Premium subscription and, you guys, it's so nice.

Now, because I'm me, I do have to nitpick a little:

· Saving favorites can be a bit annoying, as you can only favorite a single picture at a time, and there's no way to remove pictures or video files from your favorites without browsing through the whole app until you find its main page again. · Tapping the photo or video categories will allow you to browse by most popular, highest rated, and most recently added content (we should note that all of the content is user-submitted), but if you were to be looking at the creampie section--as I was--you would get a mish-mash of photos and videos all jumbled together with no way to separate or organize them. · The app naturally comes with BBWs and mature porn filtered out. What's up with that?

But those are small concerns. Really, I'm damn impressed with Planet Pron, and although I don't normally browse through babes while I'm waiting at the bus stop, this app's simplicity and high quality just might change my relationship with my phone.

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