When Stoya Met The Hitachi Magic Wand

[youtube PQuT-Xfyk3o 640 360] Here's a fun fact: until a few months ago, Stoya had never used a Hitachi Magic Wand (commonly know as the Cadillac of vibrators). Indeed, it wasn't until this very video that our sweet Supreme Commandress ever felt the hard pulse of the Hitachi up against her lovely labia...but, judging by her reaction, we're pretty sure it wasn't her last time.

It's actually kind of fitting that Stoya's first experience with the Hitachi happened in this sort of context (by which we mean, an art project in which only her upper body is visible while naughty things are happening downstairs)--as diehard Stoya fans will doubtless remember, her first porn video was actually a music video for This Empty Love, wherein Stoya received oral pleasure from a boyfriend while the camera focused on her face. It's like she's come full circle! (Pun most definitely intended.)

· Hysterical Literature: Session One: Stoya (claytoncubitt.tumblr.com) · Read Stoya's thoughts on the experience on Tumblr (stoya.tumblr.com)

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