It's Been Awhile

I was leaning against the modern wooden room divider in a black lace bra and panties set. The hard wood cutouts made the position uncomfortable, as did the plus size thigh-high digging into my skin. I felt the top of each thigh high and tried to adjust them so that the bubble of skin that the elastic made was less noticeable, to no avail.

I had oiled my body out of the shower. Supple and with sheen, it was what he liked to see upon laying eyes on me for the first time in weeks. He said he longed to feel the slip of his fingers on my skin when he put his hands around my waist in preparation to kiss me. I longed for this too … so much, the thought made me slippery above those ill-fitting thigh highs I had given up on.

I heard the electronic key card allow him entry and the my expectation as I heard him pad deliberately into the room almost made me squeal. As he turned the corner to see me against the divider he said, "close your eyes". I did as I was told. I felt him close to me … maybe an inch … his breath mingling with mine in timed beats. And then I felt it. The tiniest, sweetest of kisses being bestowed on my cheek and more down my jaw. He continued little raindrops of these kisses upon my forehead and nose. Making certain his delicate balance was felt on each side of my face, I only felt his lips … that's all he wanted me to feel …just his kind kisses … and that I was loved.

I felt loved. Right now anyway, and that, it seemed, was my greatest desire. I ached for feeling … something reciprocal, something true. Was this it? It didn't matter right now. He traipsed his mouth down to my neck, making certain to retrieve the salty essence from my skin with intermittent licks. He concentrated on my clavicle, my shoulders … taking his time. No hands were in play, just his breath and his lips swollen from dragging them upon my skin. Skin now adorned with goose bumps and exuding little shivers when he placed his mouth on new spots. The worship continued over my chest, teasing my nipples through my lace bra, licking the adjunct of the cups in between my heaving breasts. He was now at my mid-section … using his scruffy cheeks to give me a new sensation across my skin. Back and forth. Left cheek. Right cheek, until I felt his darting tongue in my navel in a "come hither" movement. I was writhing slightly, moving my body to the metronome of his breathing. "Don't move," he said softly. Compliant, I steeled myself and stopped. He was at my hips and the tops of my thighs now and in presumption of the area that was next I let out a barely audible chirp, "Shhh" he said.

My body was lifting off the divider now. My hands in my hair, only my shoulders held me up … I was giving my body over to him without my even being aware of it. I could feel my wetness soaking my thighs and calves. His tongue making soft, grazing, protracted movements toward my sex. I felt the tip of his tongue now, swishing closer to my slit getting nearer to the center of my desire. Then, a tiny flick. That's all it took to transport me through my body and into the rapture of orgasm. Fick, flick. Again, my body convulsed and shuddered with heady and overpowering thrashes of delight and release.

His torso leaned back sitting on his thighs to watch my process and to admire his work as my breathing normalized and I came back into my sweaty and sensitized body. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, grinning. I grinned back, looking into his azure blue eyes, still not moving from my place at the divider … waiting to be told I could speak or move. He rose and moved toward me until he was so close I could feel his body heat through his suit. Our eyes were locked. I could feel his desire and his need. He gently grabbed my wrists and held them to the divider, still keeping my gaze, he kissed me. All the tension from weeks of no physical contact was released through the passion in that kiss.

Soon we were moving. I found myself taking off his tie, unbuttoning his shirt and whisking his belt away from his pants all without leaving him and that succulent kiss. I felt the backs of my knees against the well-made bed. The high thread count felt cool against my burning skin. He pushed us down so that we were now on the bed, only his left arm keeping his entire body weight from enveloping me. Somehow, he had managed to break free from his clothes and now feeling his erect cock and the pre-cum on my leg I was even more aroused. His placed his right hand on my breast, suckling it with ardor and the desperation of a starving man. His left arm was now between us surreptitiously pushing my panties to my knees then that same bare hand cupping my pussy and feeling its soaking need, he broke free from my breast to look at me, smile and then continue. He was rubbing my cleft playfully but with intent. I was writhing and moaning, canting my hips upward so that my lips might feel the shaft of his hardness. He tried to control me but it was useless … I won. The instant our sexes met he was imbued with an even greater passion. Sitting up and taking hold of his member, he began to stroke it up and down my gap bathing it in the juices only he brought forth. Taunting my clit with the heat and stiffness of his arousal I could barely stand it anymore. "Fuck me Martin. Please fuck me". He managed a smile through his fervid expression. "Not yet my beautiful Ms. Cheeky".

He was now astride my shoulders and offering himself to me. I nodded and with that, he lowered his cock to my mouth and I greedily took it all in. I looked up at him to see his head bend to the side, eyes closed and biting his bottom lip. Not taking my eyes off him I worked my tongue around the crown and flicked the "sweet spot" just to watch him shiver. He opened his eyes to see me licking up his shaft from the base of his stem to his tip with the flat of my tongue and he let out an "ohhhh". I was in control now and I liked it. I took him all the way inside my mouth again, sucking gently as I bobbed him in and out. His moans grew louder and then, suddenly, as if something pulled him from behind and dropped him down again, he was on top of me. I felt the plunge of his excitement inside of me and I gasped with delight "Oh yes!/Oh God!" we both exclaimed at the same time. He began to move precisely and slowly in and out of my saturated crevice as I positioned my hips for maximum access. Plunging into my liquid hole he told me how soft and tight I was … how he had longed for this every waking moment for weeks. Moving my legs to his shoulders he progressed with more fervor more emotion. He continued faster yet with more tenderness as he leaned down to kiss my neck, my chest, my mouth. I whispered into his ear "Come for me my darling" and with that he rose above me and with firmly affixed thrusts, came with a yell of guttural satisfaction, rasping breath and a deep groan.

He crashed next to me. His breath waxing and waning to match his heartbeat. I turned to him, taking his hand in mine and nuzzled my head on his shoulder. He leaned over to kiss my forehead "Nice to see you again Ms Cheeky", he mocked. "It's always a pleasure Mr. Guerre". With smiles on our faces, we both drifted off to sleep.

Republished from Lady Cheeky: Smut for Smarties. Want to see your true tale of lust on Fleshbot? Contact us. Photo courtesy of avErotica.

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