Sharing Is Caring: Top Ten Amateur Mutual Masturbation Videos

There are certain occasions when the luxurious throes of foreplay can morph into the main event. Getting handsy with each other, indulging in some frottage and heavy petting is ever more sensual because it's not underlain by that crazy biological compulsion to procreate. The only edict behind it is the libidinous urge to come your brains out.

And that is such a lovely aim in and of itself. Sometimes in the rush to get laid for getting laid's sake, we can forget about our first initial desires, those adolescent sparks that first sent us down the path of lusty tarthood. Here we are a decade plus later, and, lo and behold, those sparks still feel fantastic. Masturbation is great! But it's even better with a friend.

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21 year old girlfriend masturbating (

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slut gf mutual masturbation (

Maryann04 (

Mutual Masturbation (

Mutual masturbation - tribute to eng (

Mutual masturbation - cumshot and orgasms (

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