How Much Do We Love Adrianne Curry's Cleavage-Heavy Cosplay?

Can you guess who Adrianne Curry is supposed to be? We'll give you some hints: she's a video game character with great boobs and many high kicks. Does that narrow it down? No? Oh. Honestly, if you didn't immediately guess who Adrianne is dressed as, then you're probably just here for a dose of underboob. Get it!

Still wondering who she's supposed to be? She's Christie Montiero from Tekken 4! Not that we're bragging, but we knew who Adrianne was the second we saw those boob wraps. Er, well, we knew she was that girl who basically has the same capoeira moves as Eddy Gordo from Tekken 3 but we forgot her name because we we've been too cheap to buy fighting games since the late 1990s.

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