First Look At Kristen Stewart Giving A Handy In “On The Road”

For years, we’ve been teased by rumors of “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart maybe doing a nude scene, only to be disappointed when various her films contained zero nudity. But at last the wait is over: as The New York Post reported last month, “On The Road” contains actual, factual Kristen Stewart nudity–and we managed to get a peek at it.

And it’s not just any nude scene, either: Kristen Stewart is topless and giving two guys a handjob in a moving vehicle! We don’t know how Jack Kerouac would feel about this if he were still alive, but we can’t envision him saying, “What? Take those amazing celebrity breasts out of that movie this instant!” You know Kerouac would be down. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. Here’s our first look at Kristen Stewart’s boobs!

Did you see that old man in the truck lose control and swerve out of his lane? That’s how we felt when we first saw this. We cannot wait to see this in a better quality clip. We dream of Kristen’s cans in 1080p; when will it be a reality?

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NOTE: At the request of MK2′s lawyers, we have removed the video clip.

  • Cristina Kozain

    She is a great actress and let’s not confuse the character with Kristen, this scene was highly praised by critics ……. she is amazing!!

    • Shecanact

      ha ha ha how long have you been a comedian? You are absolutely hilarous if you believe she is a great actress (or you could just be a brainwashed twilight fangirl)

    • gusto

      this scene was highly praised by critics ……. she is amazing!!” I am sure it was highly praised indeed it takes a real PRO to give a double handjob of that calibre.

  • Rotomangler


  • Christina Hansen

    WOW! Love her… Can not wait to see On The Road :)

  • Hollywoodite

    How did they make a handjob boring?

  • ganzi

    I can’t wait till this is hi-def! I wanna see more :) fair play to her at least she is doing something with her career and moving on to more mature role’s, it’s not porn it’s how to book goes

  • Batman

    i wasted a mouse click for this?

  • hellman.mad

     Love her… Can not wait to see On The Road. Hot cute teen

  • robthom


    She’s still a gorgeous gal, but she just doesn’t seem as cute now.

  • Brianglbrtsn

    They look to be fine titties to me. She is a passable actress and many of the commenters here seem to have sticks up their asses.

  • SuckMyDickYouFuckingHaters

    fuck u faggots! Kristen rocks!