Filthy Figments: Carnal Comics For Everyone (Even Mermaids And Tentacle Monsters)

Although we normally focus on images of real fleshy humans poking each other with their genitals and such, we find a good piece of art to be just as arousing as anything else. That's why we love Filthy Figments, a neat little paysite that features some of the hottest, strangest, and most beautifully illustrated erotic comics we've ever come across. (And all of the artists are ladies!)

We came across Filthy Figments when we were browsing Indie Nudes one day, and after we got access, we were stuck on it for days. There are currently sixteen artists who post to the site, either adding new chapters to long-running projects or firing off one steamy short piece at a time.

What kind of comics do they have? Well, it's pretty much up to what the artists feel. Filthy Figments was created in order to give female artists a safe and comfortable space where they could experiment and publish their erotic works. Many, if not all, of the cartoonists have SFW projects in print and online and this provides them the space to let their hair down (or put it up, or whatever it is they do when they get freaky on the page). For example, owner and operator Gina Biggs has even given a few characters from another web series the chance to bang on Filthy Figments. Hot catharsis!

And this place has everything: boys on girls, boys on boys, girls on girls, boys on boys on girls, orgies, sex competitions, consensual sex with tentacle monsters, mermaids who want to eat pussy, trees who thrive off human honey (come, that is), and much more. If you've ever been remotely turned-on by a drawing, you will find something--probably many things--to obsess over at Filthy Figments.

There are currently twelve comics being worked on at the moment and twenty-three completed projects, but the site also has a gallery of gorgeous pin-ups drawn by the artists as well as a forum where members and creators can mingle, talk shop, and bond as a community.

You might be wondering, "Why should I pay $7.99 a month to look at comics online?" and we were wondering that at first, too, but the more time we spent on Filthy Figments, the more it all made sense. The site has absolutely zero ads, hundreds of new pages per month, a rich archive of naughty stuff, and your money directly supports the artists. We (as always) recommend you throw down $6.99 for a fourteen-day trial, latch on to a few artists, and see how you feel after your test membership.

Honestly, we didn't think we'd be down with all the tentacle stuff that shows up around Filthy Figments, but look at "Date with a Tentacle Monster" and try not to be smitten with that big, purple beast feeling up on his girlfriend. It's impossible. You can't do it. At this very moment, we're falling in love with Megan Gedris, artist of "Darlin' It's Betta Down Where It's Wetta" and "Eat Me." The way she uses watercolors to convey the unique blush patterns of her characters gets us all kinds of hot and bothered. Anyway, the point is if you're looking for someone to latch onto, remember that we've called dibs on her.

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