Nostalgia: "Punk Rock Chixxx Rule"

Like the Elves disappearing into the West, it makes me just a little melancholy to watch a compilation called "Punk Rock ChiXXX Rule," in which spiky-haired vixens like Rachel Rotten and Daisy Tanks fuck on squalid mattresses in rooms spraypainted with anarchy symbols.

Punk Rock Chixxx Rule

Studio: JM Productions Director: Jim Powers Starring: Daisy Tanks, Hillary Scott, Ashley Moore, Julie Knight, Rachel Rotten

Review by: Gram Ponante

Not that attitudinal youth aren't fucking on squalid mattresses to this day, but the walk down Memory Lane seems so much more poignant in this age of post-punk standard-bearers Green Day bringing "American Idiot" to the stage; the spiky hair is a third-generation affectation at best.

But fearlessness is fearlessness no matter what generation, so it's fun to watch the sassy, black-hearted Rachel Rotten and Daisy Tanks getting railed at a staged punk show (we know it's staged because they are not trampled). And we admire the verisimilitude of fucking on dirty mattresses hard by the head of some passed out dude.

My favorite scene was a lot more conventional, though. Alec Knight catches Hillary Scott spraypainting "Fuck You" on some boxes and suggests that she was never disciplined. Poutily aggressive in clothes she would not normally aware, Scott calls him on his bluff and fucks him in the warehouse. Even if Scott was only wearing the uniform, I thought the expression was a lot more believably punk rock.

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