Much Ado About Cute Koreans, Sex, And Infidelity

"Red Vacance Black Wedding" is actually two movies rolled into one, "Red Vacance" and "Black Wedding," and each story deals with old flames, passionate escapes, and poor decisions. One lucky man gets to be in both parts, first as the young professor who has a thrilling affair with an engaged student, and then as a married man with a hot, petite mistress.

Imagine working with these actresses! Ji-hye Ahn, the girl with the bandaids over her nipples, is just as cute as can be, and the scene in which she sucks her man's ring off his finger gives us chills. In-hye Oh, the student who's about to get married, is perhaps best known for wearing a low-cut dress to a big film festival last year, and though she doesn't have many acting credits, we pray that she continues to take roles like this. The male protagonist is named Jo Sun-Mook, and we respect him for having his hyperactive libido be the connective tissue between the plots and characters. That sounds like hard work.

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