The Best Female Orgasms TV Has To Offer

Having watched a lot of naughty premium cable in our time, we feel that we can safely say that there is nothing more exciting, more memorable, and more graphic than a rip-roaring female orgasm on TV. It's not that unusual to see boobs or naked bodies humping each other, but it's a whole 'nother game when you see and hear (and feel) a lady explode with erotic energy. We've amassed a little collection of our favorite moments for you, and, oh damn, we're getting excited just thinking about them.

We know good orgasms take a lot of time and finesse to build-up, but in this case, we have five of them lined up right here, so we'll skip the verbal foreplay. The coming starts now.


You wouldn't think that a show about a serial killer would give us such a phenomenal lady orgasm scene, but, you know, you can probably draw your own connections between dying and coming. We first saw this Courtney Ford scene years ago, and any time we think about orgasms on TV, this is the first thing that pops into our heads. We can even see the floral print of the pillow cases when we close our eyes--that's how obsessed we are with this scene.


Renai Caruso joined the cast of "Satisfaction" towards the end of the series, but she made up for lost time with a crazy huge screaming orgasm. The sound she produces is definitely on the edge of "I'm having a wonderful feeling in my body!" and about to cross into "I'm being murdered!" territory, but we're kind of into that. As long as you're down with a little exhibitionism, then there's nothing wrong with coming so hard that all of your friends and neighbors worry about your health.


There were so very many episodes of this show in which Ana Alexander did amazing things to please her man--including, but not limited to, hiring naked girls to massage them, organizing multiple threesomes, and sending him to see a magic sex therapist (played by Nyomi Banxxx)--and yet there were so very many times that he lost his erection, couldn't make her come, or other sexual bummers. We know it's not totally his fault, and it's important to remember that orgasms are only a small facet of the overall sex event, but still: Ana totally deserved this steamy shower sex scene and all the cunnilingus that came with it.

Lip Service

This is actually the scene that inspired this article! Anna Skellern and Alana Hood definitely know how to have a good time, and although we don't know who owns the voice coming through the wall, she's wonderfully expressive as well. At some point it seems like this becomes less about releasing sexual energy through verbal means and more about competitive coming, but hey, the show is called "Lip Service."


This one might seem out of place on this list, but hear us out: an orgasm doesn't need to be big and loud to be memorable. In fact, we can't really hear any sex sounds in this scene, and we're not sure at what point--if any--Kathleen Robertson comes. However, the excitement of the scene, the expression on her face, and the little thrills that they get from licking and touching each other all add up to an orgasmic experience.

Also, Kathleen Robertson is ridiculously hot and we are very impatient for the new season of "Boss" to begin so we can see her looking all businessy and dirty again.

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