Shrink-Wrapped Pornstars For Karma Pervs

Here's a sneak peek at the latest "Karma Pervs" photo set. I'm kind of infatuated by it.

But first, what is "Karma Pervs"? In a nutshell, it's my experimental philanthropic erotic art project, where I raise money for various non-profits and charities that are sex-positive, queer or kink-friendly. I collaborate with photographers and fellow models to create images, and upload the photo sets to my membership site on where people can donate to view. It's 100% volunteer and 100% inspiring.

This latest one in particular was a BLAST to create. JT is one of the most ingenious photographers I know, and he created the magical contraption – basically a human vacubag – to suck up myself and guest model Arabelle Raphael.

The look is inspired by Photographer Hal's shrink-wrapped couples and it came out better than I could have possibly imagined. And it felt totally exhilarating! Fans of asphyxiation and tight spaces would love it — it's like holding your breath under the weight of an elephant.

Check out the gallery here, and zip over to Karma Pervs to make a donation if you wish! Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Because the thought of having basic sexual rights denied from us totally sucks.

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[This post is a part of Fleshbot's Jiz Lee Week. Photos by JT for Karma Pervs.]

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