Prepare Yourself For Lena Dunham Nudity On The Regular

As we mentioned in our Spring TV Guide, Lena Dunham's "Girls" premieres on HBO on April 15th, and we are anticipating nudity. What makes us so sure? Well, let's look at some of her past performances and get a sense for how she feels about being naked on camera. Spoiler alert: she's down with it.

If the body stocking she wears in "Tiny Furniture" isn't your thing, you can still appreciate the sight of Lena naked, in the shower, on all fours. It's a shame we can only see her at a distance, but you have to admit, it's a beautiful shot!

Recognize this: we're not basing this nudity prediction on just one source. Lena shows skin in multiple episodes of a couple of webseries she stars in! About a year ago, she showed full frontal in the first episode of "Delusional Downtown Divas"--which you can watch at Vimeo (the skin kicks in around 3:45)--and just last month, she showed boobage in two episodes of "Tight Shots," a series she shot for Nerve.

Ok, so we're not 100% positive that there'll be lots of Lena Dunham nudity--or anyone's nudity--on "Girls" this season, but we are damn hopeful. But hey, if you watch and enjoy all of these clips and webisodes, you're paying tribute to the gods of celebrity skin, who will surely grant us continued fortunes from HBO!

· "Tiny Furniture" (

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