The Strip 'N' Blow: Our New Favorite Move?

Apr 09, 2012 | Posted by Florabel Mulvaney in Hardcore

How incredibly hot is it when a babe slips off her bra and steps out of her skivvies, then bends down -- fully naked -- to lavish some mouth-love on a cock peeking out from a fully clothed guy's jeans? The answer is, uh, incredibly.

Maybe it's the stark contrast of a stark naked lady with a casually clothed dude, perhaps a hinty hint of submission as he's even still got his shoes on while she works her cock-pleasing magic. And then -- then there's that mouthful -- FULL -- of warm jizz as she celebrates a job well done. The sexiness of the all-clothed/no-clothed duality... Who knew? (Well, besides John and Yoko.)

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