Rayveness: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!

Rayveness's origin story is the greatest: she grew up in the Quaker faith, got married a year before leaving high school, saw a segment about amateur porn films on the Sally Jessy Raphael show, made a sex tape with her hubby, and sent it out. But to where? Well, the details are a little murky, but we're pretty sure she sent homemade porn to Sally Jessy Raphael.

1. Mother Suckers: There are a million ways to enjoy Rayveness's talents, but we feel like you might as well start off with some POV attention. What's more appealing than a confident MILF poking the back of her throat with your cock? We can't think of a darn thing. What's more, Rayveness looks like the kind of cougar who will suck you dry and then share a Pimm's No. 1 Cup with you on the porch.

2. Seasoned Players 15: Of course, if we're going to start talking about stunt cocks, we have to mention Tom Byron. He always gives us POV action in his movies, and he always wears that gold watch, so we get to feel exactly like the brigadier general of the boning game as he bangs Rayveness to an orgasmic froth. Also, look at the way she drops her ass on his dick: it's breathtaking.

3. Lesbian Triangles 19: Rayveness has done a huge number of scenes for Girlfriends Films, and it's hard for us to pick our favorite. We opted to go with this scene with Heather Starlet from "Lesbian Triangles 19" because of the wonder and amazement that grip Heather as she runs her hands over Rayveness's body. That seems like the proper reaction when dealing with such a goddess.

4. Cheaters Retreat: The blackmail that Rayveness uses to get Wolf Hudson in bed is, obviously, totally fake, but the sex they have feels incredibly real. It's frantic, passionate, spastic, and at times a little angry! Rayveness gets lost in the moment, and seems genuinely fearful of Wolf's wrath when he suddenly decides to switch positions. It's like they've forgotten the camera is there! We love that stuff.

5. Black Cock Addiction 9: We tried, but we couldn't find a clip of Rayveness's threeway with India Summer and Sean Michaels from this movie, and it's a damn shame because we fucking adore these three. Rayveness has her corset, India has her stockings, and Sean has his glasses; everytime we see those three props together, we automatically think of the way these MILFs use and are used by Mr. Michaels, and it puts a smile in our hearts. (Sadly, we don't see corsets, stockings, and glasses all that often since people stopped making Sarah Palin porn.)

[At top: a horny Rayveness is a happy Rayveness, via Anilos (anilos.com)]

[All videos courtesy of AEBN Porn Pay Per View Network and Adult Video On Demand (theater.aebn.net)]

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