"American Reunion" Nudity Is So Satisfying, Makes Us Feel So Old

We knew that there was going to be nakedness in "American Reunion"--we could tell even before we heard rumors of Ali Cobrin's nude scene--and now that we've finally seen the hubbub (and the hot boobs), we feel like we're back in 1999, gazing at Shannon Elizabeth's body, and that makes us feel really old.

Of course, imagine how those actors must feel! Jason Biggs is 33 years old, he still looks like a high school senior, and he's still playing characters who don't know how to handle naked women. Ali Cobrin plays a virgin who is trying to throw herself at a cute boy, and Biggs just isn't having it. Rough times. Brutal reunion.

· "American Reunion" (imdb.com) · Via Upcoming Nude Scenes (upcomingnudescenes.net)

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