Dylan Ryan: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!

In case you didn't already know, Dylan Ryan is a ray of tall, sexy sunshine in the world, and she's super fun to hang out with. We feel bad for not having written a Fleshbot Friday Five for her sooner, but we must say, there's a conspiracy that's keeping her down. She has so few scenes on demand! Why would the Illuminati do such a thing?

Obviously, the answer is that watching Dylan Ryan get freaky on camera stimulates the freedom-loving centers of your brain, and makes you want to rise up and have sex with your authority figures. Oh, Dylan, we believe in the cause.

1. Vicarious: Some people say that we hype this movie too much, but we say that other bloggers don't hype this shit enough. How can you not love a parade of vagina-on-vagina POV? How can you say no to Dylan Ryan peering up at the camera with her nose buried in Bobbi Starr's bush? Dylan gets her tongue all up in Bobbi's butt, and then throws her knees over her shoulders and lets Bobbi do the same to her. Equality is everything!

2. Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 2: Sing along if you know the words! Someone's in the kitchen with Dylan; someone's in the kitchen getting flogged, dominated, and force-fed. That someone is Madison Young, and we wonder if she was prepared for Dylan to turn that kitchen into an impromptu dungeon. We suppose the kitchen is just a dungeon with food and linoleum flooring, but still, Dylan summons a very subtle yet powerful dominating spirit for this scene, and it even catches us off guard. (In the best way, of course.)

3. Lesbian Deception: In the thrilling climax of this movie, Dylan and Kimberly discuss their intense devotion to each other, and Dylan seals her promise of fidelity with a hard and powerful kiss. It's one of those kisses that announces itself, you know? Very forceful, then very soft, designed to immediately get your blood pumping and your clothes dissolving. Something about Dylan and Kimberly eating each other out feels very appropriate to us; we often think of these ladies as alternate dimensional versions of each other, and watching them make each other violently climax is almost like watching the world's greatest masturbation scene.

4. MILFs Who Love Black Cock 3: We don't usually think of Dylan as a MILF, but it is true that she loves black cock. In this scene, everybody's favorite beefcake, Sledge Hammer, sticks his absurdly girthsome cock in Dylan's tight pussy while she's still mostly dressed, and she goes crazy for it. A combination of steady pumping and thumb-to-clit action makes Dylan squirt all over the place, and for real, you can tell that Sledge is proud of himself for facilitating such a shower. Heck, who wouldn't feel proud?

5. Sinderella & Me: The wicked step-sisters, Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee, take advantage of Wolf Hudson while Allie Haze watches, but they soon tire of being gawked at, so they shoo her away and get down to the real nasty business. Wolf is always occupied in this scene; his cock and mouth are nothing but toys for Jiz and Dylan to ride as they please and trade between them. Not only are these three all great performers, but they're real life friends, and so their chemistry is based on both the passion of the moment and their shared history. Adorable people, all of them; we couldn't love this scene more if we tried.

[At top: Dylan Ryan doesn't want you to wash dishes while she's naked because that's a waste of a naked Dylan Ryan. Photo via Driven by Boredom (drivenbyboredom.com)]

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