Why Do Bad People Always Have Good Sex On "Spartacus: Vengeance"?

Ugh, look, it's Glaber. We hate that guy. He's the one responsible for enslaving Spartacus, he's trying to put down the revolt, he had Seppius killed in order to get closer to his sister, Seppia, and now he's sent his pregnant wife away so he can have crazy sex with Seppia all the time. He's such a nasty little weasel! We're so angry that watching him bang Seppia is so awesome!

Why is it that these evil bastards keep having really hot, steamy sex? Can't they be having boring, lackluster missionary or something? Doesn't all the hate Glaber produces shrink his penis a little? And poor Seppia thinks she's going to be the new Mrs. Glaber, not knowing that Glaber was responsible for her brother's death. (That is, until Lucretia intervenes.)

In unrelated news: here's another brief group sex scene!

· "Spartacus: Vengeance" (starz.com)

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