(Alleged) Nude Photos Of Christina Hendricks And Olivia Munn Leaked

Well, if there’s one thing that seems certain these days, it’s that any celebrity worth their salt is gonna have their private photos leaked to the internet. Today’s additions to the line up of leaked celebs: the incredibly sexy (and never nude) Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn. Some of the photos (like, uh, the actually nude ones) might not really be the ladies we’ve come to adore, but there are a few that definitely look like the real deal.

Will any celebrity go unleaked? And, perhaps more to the point: will celebrities ever learn that their private photos probably won’t stay private?

UPDATE: At the request of Christina Hendricks’s legal team, we have removed her photos from Fleshbot.

UPDATE 2: We have also removed Olivia Munn’s photos at the request of her legal team.

  • http://twitter.com/EvilNinjaX24 Chris Da Ninja

    For what it’s worth, those lingerie pics are DEFINITELY Munn – check the collarbone area.

    • Guest

       Are you the “Chris” she mentions in the photos…?

    • http://twitter.com/EvilNinjaX24 Chris Da Ninja

      LOL – if only. I could probably Google search the Chris in question, but I don’t really care, haha.

    • stephen

       chris pines. guy from the newest star trek movie.

  • Chspot

    I’m surprised that not many people seem to know this, but Christina Hendricks was topless in a commercial for golf equipment. (Doublewall) The spot in question was title ‘Hit What You’re Aiming At’, and it had her in a porn shoot, while the cum shot kept missing her

    • RedHeadFan

      If you are refering to this: 
      http://giftube.com/gif/spermed-60 I don’t think its her.  If not, where in the name of GOD is that link?

    • Mm hmm

       That’s porn star, Roxetta

  • http://twitter.com/EvilNinjaX24 Chris Da Ninja

    According to E! Online 
    http://www.eonline.com/news/christina_hendricks_olivia_munn_latest/298600?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-topstories&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_topstories , they were both hacked, and Ms Hendricks’ reps are definitely denying that the boob shot is hers. No word from Ms Munn, outside of her Tweeting a cat and a baby pic in response.

  • deepen03

    Olivia Munn is sexy… damn

    • Phil E. Drifter

      hmmm.. no.

      Who f*cking cares about Munn? She’s got no tits and has already done a Playboy spread.

      Christina Hendricks: i wanna have your babies!

    • http://fleshbot.com/ Lux Alptraum

      Wow, it’s almost as if you think that people aren’t entitled to their own opinions about who they do and don’t want to see naked. But that would be silly–almost as silly as being the kind of person who thinks it’s appropriate to post rude comments about beautiful naked people on Fleshbot.

    • tony kaye

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    • deepen03

      hell no.. she is hot as hell man!

    • http://thoreauhd.myid.net/ ThoreauHD

       See, even the commi supporter likes it!

    • chucky

       hmmmm…who cares about Munn you say?  Well, a whole hell of a lot of more than who care about you!

  • Oaif

    Someone needs to get christina hendricks pregnant. She deserves, nay, she MUST reproduce.

  • Anonymous Coward, Esq.

    looks like the imgur’s been taken down now. 

  • http://twitter.com/SusansDarkDream Susan’sDarkPlace

    It has to be so strange to have not just the pictures, but your most secret sexual thoughts out there with them. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have that stuff publicly outed with your actual identity. Scary. 

  • brononymous

    Anybody have an alternate link? the imgur link is dead. :/

    • rawstorysuspect


    • Stephen Arnold

      Don’t suppose you have a new link for the Olivia Munn pics?

  • PerpetualMotionMachine

    C. Hendricks in the seductively stretched vee-neck is my every lit major fantasy.

  • http://t1anddrebone.blogspot.com/ T1theinfamous

    Those photos made my month better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mirko-Raznatovic/100000050199299 Mirko Raznatovic

    i know that girl, mofos, brazzers,
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    don’t waste your time ;)

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  • Journey Silius

    Pussies for removing pics at their request! At least upload anonymously to sites and LINK to them, external link is NOT your responsibility and doesnt have to be removed! But nope, pussies! Legal Team’ed !

    • http://fleshbot.com/ Lux Alptraum

      Yeah, you say that, but our lawyer didn’t agree. And frankly, getting involved in a lawsuit over something like this would make it a whole lot harder to keep running this site.

    • BaSH PR0MPT

      Actually, dissemination of news and comment are fair use, there’s no grounds for any legal reprocussions especially with something leaked so far and wide, au contrare Stiesand effect.

      Your lawyer is a coward and an idiot.


      A lawyer with testicular fortitude and a better education.

    • http://fleshbot.com/ Lux Alptraum

      Fair use is great, and it’s what keeps up NUMEROUS clips and photos that I have received unwarranted takedown notices for. And for the record, we stand by our right to have originally posted the photos, and to continue to post newsworthy photos such as these; but as a courtesy, we still comply with legitimate DMCA takedown notices from proven copyright holders.

      Frankly, if you’re so committed to Fleshbot keeping up these photos so that you can wank to them for free, perhaps you’d like to contribute to our legal defense fund so that we can properly take on the cause of fighting for fair use in court.


    So, you removed all the pics and left the post up just to disappoint everyone that little bit more? Gla you have your readers interests at heart.