Katy Perry's Nipples Shine Through Her Dress (With The Help Of X-Ray Vision)

Everybody knows the disappointment of putting on novelty "X-ray specs" and only seeing a bunch of blurry rainbows; it's soul crushing. It's not like we need to see every skeleton walking down the street, all we want is the ability to make see-through clothing--like Katy Perry's dress--completely translucent. Fortunately, someone figured out how to do that with Photoshop!

God, this feels so cathartic and validating! For one, we always want to see Katy Perry's boobs because they're huge and beautiful. Second, we love this dress because it's sparkly and as opaque as onion skin--it only needs a camera flash to melt away. Third, X-ray specs finally have a noble purpose in the world, and that's to point out hard-to-see nipples.

What a great way to start off March!

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