We Are All Up In Camilla Luddington's Place

Camilla Luddington, whose nudity we all enjoyed on last week's episode of "Californication," has this to say about her experience playing Kate Middleton in a movie. "Right before I got Will and Kate, a fake Facebook page was created about me, and it had all this information that was wrong. They said that I was a Jewish bi-sexual Republican—hilarious."

"They said that my hobbies were roller-skating on the weekends, which is amazing, and that I was educated at Oxford, which would be great. It was the one thing I was like, 'Damn, do we really have to take it down? Do I have to tell them that's not true? Because that would be awesome.'"

Don't worry, Camilla. We'll always think of you as an Oxford-educated bisexual Jewish Republican who took gold at last year's X-Games for rollerskating. That's how we think of all the women we love!

· Via Esquire (esquire.com)

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