We Are All Up In Camilla Luddington's Place

Feb 24, 2012 | Posted by Ottimo Massimo in Pornstars

Camilla Luddington, whose nudity we all enjoyed on last week's episode of "Californication," has this to say about her experience playing Kate Middleton in a movie. "Right before I got Will and Kate, a fake Facebook page was created about me, and it had all this information that was wrong. They said that I was a Jewish bi-sexual Republican—hilarious."

"They said that my hobbies were roller-skating on the weekends, which is amazing, and that I was educated at Oxford, which would be great. It was the one thing I was like, 'Damn, do we really have to take it down? Do I have to tell them that's not true? Because that would be awesome.'"

Don't worry, Camilla. We'll always think of you as an Oxford-educated bisexual Jewish Republican who took gold at last year's X-Games for rollerskating. That's how we think of all the women we love!

· Via Esquire (esquire.com)


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