How Do You Research Extra-Marital Affairs? Have A Really Steamy One!

That's what goes down in the hot South Korean film "Secrets, Objects." A middle-aged professor falls for her twenty-one year old student, and she discovers how to appreciate and indulge her erotic fantasies and desires. Believe us: this movie is ridiculously hot and delightfully groundbreaking.

Director Lee Young-Mi plays with tradition and taboo in this film, and—as explored in this article by Pop Matters—many investors and producers were afraid to touch this film because of the frank ways it addresses female sexuality. Part of the inspiration for this story stems from when Lee was imprisoned (for participating in a protest) with nine other women for four months, seven of whom were put in jail for adultery. Think about that when you enjoy this clip above (or, you know, when you're enjoying your right to sleep around).

· "Secrets, Objects" (
· Read this fascinating article on the movie and the director: Director flips Korean gender roles with 'Secrets, Objects' (

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