Should 69ing Come Before Or After Intercourse?

Are these young teens engaging in sexual activities out of order? You’re out of order! They’re out of order! This whole industry of adult entertainment is out of order! Uh, what we mean to say it this: no, they’re fine.

Just because porn and other forms of media have trained us to view oral sex as a lead-up to penetrative sex doesn’t make it always so. After all, what could be better than licking your own juices off of the body parts of the person you just had sex with? It’s both kinky and nutritious.

· Teens Fuck then do 69 (

  • FrankN.Stein

    And after. And during it.
    And at all times without intercourse.

    That about covers it.
    Yeah. I sort of like 69….

  • OmegaSin

    After, because it requires less effort and energy. In general, at least.