My Greedy Cunt Wanted More

My Greedy Cunt Wanted MoreHe wasn't up to a big scene, and frankly neither was I. I was so glad that he made space for us to just be: our private time was enjoyable all on its own, and not only enjoyable but very much needed.

When we cuddled I realised I was craving the deep physical intimacy of intercourse – not in a wild monkey sex sort of way, but for intimacy that was expressed physically. I wanted skin on skin, and to be physically opened up. I craved his cock in my cunt. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want him to feel any pressure.

I poured myself into worshipping his body; expressing physical affection empowered me. The resonance of his "Ahh!" gave me deep satisfaction, and I dallied in the delight of each part of his body. I had no ex­pectation for more – but there was!

"Give this some little licks, right on top."

I became focussed on licking the head of his cock. I know that this spot gives him the most pleasure, and I worked my tongue and lips over and around it until I could feel his cock pulsing. My tongue and lips were aching but I didn't want to stop. I wondered if I could make him come just from this.

My own response was beginning to overwhelm me, so his "Want to fuck?" was not a difficult question to answer. So much so that I completely forgot to remove my tampon. A second try was more rewarding!

I was deliriously happy just to be there with his cock inside me. As I slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper into my cunt he seemed content to just let me fuck him my way. When I felt the head of his cock on my cervix my natural inclination was to roll my hips, and then rock forwards so his cock pushed hard on my g-spot. Doing that again and again made me soon reach orgasm.

A brief rest was appreciated but my greedy cunt wanted more. This time the motion was more focussed and I was able to identify the sensations separately. The intensity on my cervix was ouchy, but I associate that pain with orgasms, and the pressure on my g-spot was pure pleasure. The orgasms flowed haphazardly, sometimes layering over each other, and I loved it all. I like my sex to hurt. And all this was with nothing more than just his cock in my cunt…

Republished with permission from SapioSlut. Want to see your true tale of lust on Fleshbot? Contact us. Photo by John B. Root.

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