More Reasons to Love Unsimulated Sex In Mainstream Cinema

You folks really seemed to enjoy that example of unsimulated sex we posted last week, so we thought we'd do it again! We did a French movie last time, and this time we're looking at Germany's slow-motion take on unsimulated sex!

Since "Hotel Desire" is a film in which a couple of people engage in mostly visible penetrative sex, it's technically not that different from regular ol' pornography. Still, the credibility of this movie makes us think differently about the sex. When we watch porn, we sometimes think, "Wow, that was an unusually freaky move; maybe we should try it out!" which is not something anyone should do, but when we watch stuff like this, we think, "Wow, these people are having rather average sex, but the slow motion makes it so hot. We need to move in slow motion more often!" which is something everyone should do.

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