Fleshbot Is Seeking A New Home

For the past eight years, Fleshbot has made its home at Gawker Media. But as GM has grown, its sales strategy and technology platform have ceased to effectively support Fleshbot’s needs. We think someone else could be a much better partner to grow the site with us…and as such, Fleshbot is for sale.

As one of the only adult properties that manages to maintain a solid foothold in the mainstream world, Fleshbot is a unique property—and with our star-studded and much lauded Awards show, we’ve only increased our potential to dominate the mainstream media. We seek a new home where we can continue to curate the best smut the world has to offer, and continue to grow our traffic (currently at 25+million monthly pages and 1+million monthly uniques). Direct inquiries to inquiries@fleshbot.com.

  • Eschatas

    I hope you find somewhere wonderful to bring what you already have and to expand, diversify and overall increase your awesomeness.

  • Refused_is_fucking

    I would have suggested Arianna Huffington as a buyer, once, but after her Post’s sale to AOL, not anymore.

    I would think Nerve or some such would be a good bet, though.

  • Camille Crimson

    Whoa!!! Fleshbot! I think this is a great move. The site is already wonderful, but a different venue would be a chance to grow so much more!

  • Wasp9277

    Moving has worked out well for the Consumerist, they have freedom over their content they previously didn’t have. Best of luck to you guys.

  • Robbiecda

    I seriously wish you guys all the best, and I hope as well that you find someone who will better look out for you. You guys have been permanently bookmarked for me for a long time, and while i don’t tend to comment a whole lot, I think you guys are among the best on the net and I intend to keep coming back. Congrats on a terrific run, and I hope you keep going for many more years. Cheers always, guys.

  • FrancesTheMute

    The best part will be getting away from Gawker and their AWFUL site design. Seriously, I don’t go to any of the other gawker sites anymore. I tolerate it here because Lux runs such an amazing site!