Top Five Reasons That Joanna Angel Is Awesome

Top Five Reasons That Joanna Angel Is AwesomeIt's no secret that I have a gigantic crush on Fleshbot's Supreme Commandress Joanna Angel. Just in case there are one or two people who aren't yet aware of the million wonderful things about her, I thought I'd share a few of my own:

1. Nine years ago she started a porn site. It turned into a full-blown adult production company which is still going strong and could arguably be credited with reminding mainstream porn that non-standard actresses (i.e. anything that isn't blonde, tan, and large-breasted) are viable. She's one of porn's legitimate stars in her own right and still actually does her share of the work involved in running the company she co-founded. Meaning she's a porn star who truly runs her own company—and that's pretty unique.

2. Every Burning Angel girl I've ever met has been really excited to be a Burning Angel. Every single one. I don't know of any other company—pornographic or not—where every employee loves their job and boss.

3. Joanna does live performances of her horror porn films. For serious.

4. I fell asleep on her vagina (out of pure exhaustion after a few hours of vigorous sex) once, and she didn't hold it against me. It made a delightful pillow, and when I woke up her clitoris was conveniently located right next to my mouth.

5. Joanna is smart (see Carly Milne's Naked Ambition, her BA from Rutgers, and reason #1)

....and that whole thing where she's adorable and has very nice breasts. But if you're reading this, you have functioning eyes, so I'm sure you can see that for yourself.

[This post is a part of Fleshbot's Stoya Week.]

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