Guess Who's Showing Nipple Now? The New York Times!

November 7, 2011 | Posted in Celebrity by ottimo-massimo

Guess Who's Showing Nipple Now? The New York Times!A very friendly and helpful tipster told that The New York Times scanned and reprinted a magazine advertisement that contains Linda Evangelista's nipple. How did this happen, NY Times? We expect this kind of careless nudity from the Post, but not you.

The story that goes with this image explains that W Magazine's latest issue had a bunch of fake advertisements by Steven Meisel featuring Petra Ecclestone, Joel Schumacher, one of the kids from "Toddlers and Tiaras," and other odd notables. Still, no amount of insightful writing will distract us from the fact that there is (what certainly appears to be) Linda Evangelista's perky nipple peeking out from beneath her arm in the Fashion section of the New York Times website. You know what this means? The Times is slowly becoming just like us! (Wishful thinking!)

· Scratch the Ad and Sniff Out the Parody (

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