Deep Tissue Boob Massage

Deep Tissue Boob MassageWe suspect we're not alone in this, but one of our favorite ways to unwind at the end of a long week is by getting a long, intense massage that really works through all our knots and kinks, relaxing the tension and helping us get really relaxed and ready for Saturday. Anyway: we're all geared up to get a massage today, but this gif we've just found is making us wonder if maybe we're going about this whole massage thing the completely wrong way.

See, we've always thought the best way to relax is to get someone to rub our back—but what if (what if?!) we could relieve all that muscle tension by massaging someone else's boobs? It's a pretty crazy idea, we know...but the more we watch this delightful massage here, the more we start thinking that it is, in fact, just crazy enough to work.

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