The Gritty Reality Of Gangster Love Hits "Underbelly: Razor"

For a moment, it looked like we were going to get another one of Anna McGahan's cathartic, bodice-ripping sex scenes, but all of a sudden a brawl broke out in her bedroom and one of her menfolk was stabbed. They don't call Nellie Cameron "The Kiss of Death Girl" for nothing!

It's definitely not her fault that this sexy time became stabby time; she dates a lot of criminals, and criminals have beef with each other, and unfortunately wars are fought on (about? across?) the bodies of women. She escaped from this ordeal unscathed, but note that she was already working with a wound on her stomach. Further, note that she had a nasty wound—possibly from a razor—on her stomach and she was still down to fuck. That's one badass lady.

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