OhMiBod’s Freestyle W: A Sensory Thrill Ride To Pleasuretown

OhMiBod's Freestyle W: A Sensory Thrill Ride To PleasuretownThe Freestyle: W’s secret power is that it connects with basically any music device, making for an intricate and nuanced vibration experience that captivates all the senses.

First things first, the Freestyle: W comes with all you need to get started right away. The charger comes with many adapters, and has the toy up and ready to go in just two hours. The transmitter for use with music-playing devices comes with the two AAA batteries needed as well; score!

It’s pretty intuitive to use. For regular, non-musical use there are still several modes — including a very nice, very fast pulse — that can be scrolled through with ease using two buttons. The only drawback with this particular layout is that when you reach the end of the road with the patterns, you have to use the other button to scroll back down. If only it could be the best of both worlds, where one could scroll all the way through with one button and use the other to quickly switch back to the immediately preceding mode if need be. But I digress. Anyway, the regular use mode is quite well done here but it’s not the main event.

I got the Freestyle: W hooked up to my iPod and threw on some tunes with a good beat. And was basically transported into a world of bodily joy, with waves of pleasure taking me captive. No, seriously. Set your favorite song as the soundtrack to your favorite porn and be taken away. I’m normally indifferent to patterns, preferring a solid, unyielding vibration — but with music there’s usually something going on, and the Freestyle: W is great at picking up on any note and amplifying when the music does, for a fantastic current of crests and crescendos.

That being said, I probably wouldn’t use this with your favorite slow jams or classic soul collection because of the downtime. Additionally, Freestyle:W’ing with your songs gives them a sexy makeover — such that you may see them a little differently afterward. But if you want to think of a million orgasms along with your Sam Cooke, be my guest!

My only qualm with the toy overall is that, although it does apparently have two motors — one in the shaft and one in the clitoral accoutrement — the clitoral motor does not deliver nearly the power that’s possible in the tip of the shaft. Now, of course, it’s necessarily smaller there, but I found myself removing the toy and using the tip how I pleased. Maybe not everyone has a clit that’s as demanding as mine, but this was the only aspect of the toy I was disappointed with.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a sexy new vibrator that can give you an endless variety of pleasure, changed up as quickly as the click of a mouse, look no further than the Freestyle: W. I was pleasantly astounded by the possibilities.

· Buy the Freestyle: W (babeland.com)

  • worshipkats

    My Tibetan chant soundtrack will rock this!

  • Robbiecda

    That’s gotta put a whole new spin on “Ride of the Valkyries”. ♪ Dunh-duh-duh-DAH-DA… ♫

  • strangeronfire1

    i read this and felt like throwing up…gross

    makes me glad i’m gay

  • dirtybee

    Yes! A big plus for us thrash loving metalheads :-) I can’t wait to try Sepultura on this baby!

  • TragicSpinsterNYC

    I so need to try this with Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”.

  • Anonymous

    So what youre saying is I need to dust off my old DnB recordings I used to make and sell them to people who buy this?

  • serenada

    “if you want to think of a million orgasms along with your Sam Cooke, be my guest!”

    Uh, you don’t? Is there a different Sam Cooke from the one I’m thinking of?

  • capntim

    This isn’t the first device to do this, and I’ve not met one lady who owned one that said the music gimmick was worth it.

    Hitachi FTW.

  • Crass Lass

    Does this mean I’m going to start accidentally referring to Slayer’s “Postmortem” as “Post coital”?

  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend bought me one of these a few months ago & it’s languished in it’s box. Now I am definitely going to charge it up & see what some Massive Attack or TV On the Radio will do for me in the nether regions!

  • Mina_da_mad_child

    I alway thought the Doors “The End” was audio porn. I must confirm this assertion

  • Harris_dave

    I wonder how this song would feel? I just need get a girlfriend, buy her the toy and find out I guess.

  • Harris_dave

    I wonder what this song would feel like? Guess I just need to get a girlfriend, buy the toy and find out.

  • LucilleTwoStep

    Just got dumped last night… and I believe I’ve found my “go fuck yourself” (literally) gift to myself!