Face Time: Top Ten Amateur Facial Videos

We’re sure there’s some complicated psychological or evolutionary reason that men like to come on women, probably incorporating words like “territorial” and “olfaction.” But we’re just going to come out (no pun intended) and say it: it’s hot to orgasm onto your partner. We don’t know why, it just is.

Ideally we would have found an equal number of videos of women ejaculating onto men’s faces, but alas, it was not to be. However, should you stumble across one (or decide to make it yourself, even better), please send it along! We’d love to see it.

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[Above: massive facial (xtube.com)]

Double Facial for P.F. Chang Chick (xtube.com)

Facial (xtube.com)

Double blowjob w/facial in public bathroom (xtube.com)

getting fucked and facialized (xtube.com)

Sofia Blow job eats all my cum GREAT FACIAL (xtube.com)

Suck and facial (xtube.com)

facial… (xtube.com)

ex gf blowjob and facial (xtube.com)

FACIAL on WIFE (xtube.com)

  • MilesFromNowhere

    Facials are simply cum dodgings that men have been fooled into believing are as good as swallowing.