That Krissie Dee Sure Is A Devilish Cutie

That Krissie Dee Sure Is A Devilish CutieOne look at this adorable, petite twenty-year-old, and you might think you've found yourself a new study buddy. To hell with your studying. The only kind of studying Krissie plans on doing involves a strap-on and Joanna Angel.

We don't really know how that qualifies as studying, but we don't care. Bizarre Magazine did a quick little piece on this fresh Burning Angel recruit, and they've deemed Krissie to be equal parts darling and disturbing. Aren't our favorite girls usually some combination of that? We'll have to go back and check. In the meantime, let's just reflect on the fact that Krissie's reasons for joining up with Burning Angel are "Milk, cookies, and cock!"

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