Are These Nude Photos Of Scarlett Johansson The Real Deal? [UPDATED 9/16/11]

September 14, 2011 | Posted in Celebrity by lux-alptraum

Are These Nude Photos Of Scarlett Johansson The Real Deal? [UPDATED 9/16/11]For years we've dreamed—nay, prayed—that one day we might be lucky enough to see the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson in the nude. And now our dreams may just have come true. Two photos claiming to be of Ms. Johansson have appeared online (and we have them right here). Could they really be her?

One thing's definitely for sure: if they are her, it suggests troubling things for any celebrity interested in keeping their private photos private. Over the past few months, we've seen numerous celebrities (and pseudocelebrities) fall victim to the nefarious whims of hackers bent on publicizing their most personal photos. If even the notoriously private Johansson isn't safe from their prying fingers...well, who is?

[UPDATE: Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo has deemed these photos completely Shop-free, saying, "Those photos are definitely NOT photoshopped in any way or form. I just ran it through the usual tests. She may be a Scarlett double, but she matches her screen persona too closely to be a lookalike." Thanks, Jesus!]

[UPDATE: TMZ reports that Scarlett Johansson has allegedly asked the FBI to investigate the hacking of her cell phone. In the past, they've been tapped by Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, and other celebrities whose nude pictures have suddenly appeared on the internet.]

[UPDATE: A third photo that may or may not be ScarJo has surfaced online. This one's not nude, but it is incredibly sexy. Could it be her as well?]

[UPDATE: At the request of Ms. Johansson's lawyers, we've removed the photos from Fleshbot. Sorry folks—it was fun while it lasted!]

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