Learn Great Sex Tips From Tristan Taormino (For Free!)

September 12, 2011 | Posted in Hardcore by lux-alptraum

Learn Great Sex Tips From Tristan Taormino (For Free!)For years, Tristan Taormino has been making a name for herself in the parallel worlds of sex education and porn, producing sex ed content that's as sexy as it is smart. Now, she's making a series of educational porn videos available for free (!!) on the Smitten Kitten website—and needless to say we're pleased as punch. Want to know more about the project? Read on, friends.

The Good: Smitten Kitten and Tristan Taormino have teamed up to release three sexy, educational videos featuring heartthrobs Dylan Ryan and Danny Wylde. If you've seen any of Tristan's other educational work, the format will be familiar: Tristan opens with a discussion of the topic at hand (in these videos, cunnilingus, blowjobs, and squirting), providing education, tips, and insight from her performers about what it feels like to engage in the act at hand. Post-discussion, Tristan leaves Danny and Dylan alone, allowing them to show the world what they've just learned (and teach the audience at home a few things, too).

As per usual, these videos are great: Tristan's chock full of awesome information, and she really knows how to pick performers who are smart and well spoken about sex (and, ahem, who enjoy doing it in front of a camera). And did we mention that Danny and Dylan have sex in these free videos?

The Bad: It pains us to say this, but the Smitten Kitten video series is a bit like being served a phenomenal filet mignon on a styrofoam plate, with no silverware aside from a plastic knife and fork. There's no doubt that the content here is great, but the packaging kind of stinks.

Smitten Kitten has five educational videos (three from their partnership with Tristan, two from a previous collaboration with Queer Porn TV) displayed on one page in tiny 300px wide Flash players, with no option to download. If 300px is too small for you, you can make the videos full screen, but on our end, that made the videos pixellated and unpleasant to watch. Worse yet, the videos hung several times when we watched them—which, granted, may have been a product of our internet connection, but it was still rather frustrating.

Of course, the video series is free, and the last time we looked a gift horse in the mouth...well, we don't really like to think about that.

The Sexy: Dylan and Danny are two of our favorite performers, and for very good reason. They're sexy people who are super into each other, and the sex they have in these videos manages to be camera-friendly while still feeling real. Sure, we may not be able to see every bit of Dylan's anatomy when Danny buries his face in her crotch—but you know what? Her pleasure is so intense, and so real, that we don't care. (And frankly, any educational film that featured porn-style cunnilingus where the eyes get more contact with the labia than anyone's tongue does would be highly suspect in our book.)

And as an added bonus, it seems that Dylan and Danny's time together was so hot and steamy that it resulted in a whole extra video of nothing but sex. Sadly, you can't get that one for free, but it is available for purchase on the Smitten Kitten website....

· Watch the videos at Smitten Kitten (smittenkittenoline.com)
· Buy Dylan and Danny's bonus scene (smittenkittenonline.com)
· See more photos at Tristan's Tumblr (tristantaormino.tumblr.com)

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