(Fake) Emma Watson, Getting Banged On The Shore

(Fake) Emma Watson, Getting Banged On The ShoreIt used to be that animated gifs were nothing but Drudge sirens and dancing babies—certainly nothing of the sort to put you in the mood (unless the mood in question was abject horror). Now, as technology (and aesthetics) have advanced, animated gifs (or cinemagraphs, if you’re classy) have developed into a whole new art form…and, if you happen to crawl the correct corners of the internet, an erotic art form at that.

Being as we are lovers of technical innovations and the erotic arts, we’ve decided to start featuring our favorite sexy gifs in a feature cleverly titled Gif of the Day. First up: a paean to our favorite celebrity to see photoshopped into erotic situations (that would be one Emma Watson, people).

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  • Camille Crimson

    I can’t say that looks like Emma Watson to me…

  • Assy

    “Have a gif you’d like to see us feature? Email us!”

    Not to stifle submissions, but go to [boards.4chan.org] and every gif on the planet is at your fingertips. You’ll find enough to keep this feature going for years.

  • thaumielx72

    Go Em!

  • Spyder01

    Looks like Hermione found a new wand