Feminine Mystique: Top Ten Amateur Female POV Sex Videos

We can’t always illuminate what women want, but we can at least show you what women see! There’s no reason that your girl can’t take over the job of cameraperson once in a while, and the results are certainly a nice change of pace.

We love having the female perspective on everything else, so why not sex? And having the man taking up most of the frame is new and kind of exciting! Know how you look when you fuck, gentlemen. Sex is a visual endeavor.

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[Above: Fingering Me to Big, Deep G-spot Orgasm from My POV (yuvutu.com)]

bareback & creampie mature female (yuvutu.com)

Long handjob and cum as we watch porn (yuvutu.com)

Me (yuvutu.com)

It’s a good view (xtube.com)

eating me out (xtube.com)

Footjob feet soles (xtube.com)

another impulsive one ..with diff pov !!!!! (xtube.com)

Wife and I doggie with a “her” view at the end (xtube.com)

adriana my whore ex giving me a nice footjob cum shot (xtube.com)

  • Camille Crimson

    That is so cool! I love seeing this kind of flip on the POV.