This Is Not The Right Way To Eat Fruit (But We Don't Care)

We're pretty sure that this woman's cleavage isn't craving fruit juice, but you know, maybe we're just narrow-minded. Maybe her tits are on a grapefruit diet! Can you get melon sized tits from a grapefruit diet? We're investigating. Also, this somehow sells shoes.

The company, Primitive Shoes, knows exactly what they're doing. If you go on their website, the only thing you see is a giant picture of this woman leaning over the bridge railing with her tits somehow not spilling out of her bra. It's like Primitive doesn't give a fuck what you think about their marketing tactics because they know you love boobs. They're right, of course. We totally clicked that giant rack and considered buying some shoes.

And in case you were wondering whether or not this model has fake boobs or not, here she is, Desiree-Elyda Villalobos, talking about her tits.

· Desiree Elyda For Primitive : "Have A Yummy Summer" (
· Via Copyranter (

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