Tabrett Bethell Is, In Fact, Nude In "The Clinic"

Last year, we tipped you off to the news that Tabrett Bethell (aka Cara from "Legend of the Seeker") would be nude in an upcoming film. Well, now we've happened on the footage, and we finally confirm the rumor (and take a look at Ms. Bethell's lovely nude form).

A word of caution for the faint of heart: though this clip does, in fact, feature Ms. Bethell in the nude, it is not a shiny, happy, sexy kind of nudity. To the contrary, it's the sort of nudity that arises when a person wakes up in an ice bath after being kidnapped and forced to receive surgery, which may not be to your liking. (On the other hand: it's got Tabrett Bethell nude, and we have it on good authority that all that ice bath/kidnapping/surgery stuff is just for pretend.)

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