On The Edge

On The EdgeSometimes I just can't keep my hands to myself.

The other night I reached over and was stroking Daddy's cock while we were driving around town.  He gave me the eye, telling me to behave, but I was really in no mood to behave.  As we sat across from each other having dessert, it was all I could do not to crawl under the table and unzip his pants.

It's pretty dangerous being so damn hot for someone that you struggle to control yourself.  It's like constantly being in heat and walking around with my ass in the air all the time.

So I ignored his warnings to behave and I reached over and clumsily unzipped his pants.  I unbuckled my seat belt and climbed over towards him.  I got his pants unzipped and he adjusted his seat to go back just a little bit to make room for me.  I put my mouth around his cock, carefully avoiding hitting the steering wheel with my shoulder.  I was on all fours, with my ass in the air facing out the window.  I didn't care.  I had what I wanted.  Daddy's warm hard cock in my mouth.  And Daddy, in a bit of a vulnerable state.  He sighed and moaned softly while trying to keep the car straight.

I let my warm mouth engulf him and slowly I slid my mouth over his cock.  Savoring each curve of it.  I looked up to meet his eyes looking down at me.  He smiled, but then frowned at me.  "Dirty cock whore" he whispered at me.  He reached down and placed his hand on the back of my head, stroking my hair as he gently pushed me back down.

I did recognize the level of danger here, and I did notice that the car wasn't exactly going straight, so I slowed my pace a bit.  I was hoping he might just pull over to the emergency lane of the freeway- but he decided to exit instead, taking us up into the hills and parking the car on the edge overlooking the city.  It was like being in high school or something, except it was not a lack of a place to fool around, I simply did not want to wait until we got home.

Before the car was even in park I was pulling at his pants and wrapping my mouth tightly around his cock.  He reclined his seat back and sighed contentedly while I serviced his cock like it was past curfew on a school night.  He reached underneath me and fingered my pussy all the while calling me dirty little girl who can't control herself.

"No Daddy…." I didn't even try to argue with him.  I was too busy enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth.  He pushed my head down on his cock, thrusting it into my throat until I coughed and pulled away sputtering and holding back the gag reflex.  He was fucking my mouth pretty hard- and with each thrust into my mouth, my cunt grinded against his fingers on my clit.  I was dripping on his fingers and tasting the sweet drops of precum in my mouth, listening to him berate me for my behavior.

I continued though- drunk on the energy between us and completely starving for him to unload into my mouth.  He was getting close faster than usual as he was thrusting harder.  I opened my mouth  and accepted his cock down into my throat, allowing the sounds and spit to get out and be messy.  Faster and harder until he whispered, "Make Daddy come, babygirl."

Of course, Daddy I thought to myself as I wrapped my hands around his cock and began to stroke up and down while holding his cock at the base with the other one.  I moved my hands up and down pulling them in opposite directions while my mouth moved up and down.  This isn't something he can stand for too long, but at the right time, it is just what is needed to make him come.  He moaned and said, "Oh holy shit…"  and slowly thrusted with my movement.  I was slow and concise staying at the same speed no matter how he tried to quicken me.  It was intense for him as he was talking more, breathing faster- caught up in the fuck talk and lost in the pleasure of it all.

This is where it burns on my skin.  Where that feeling of sex and submission and pleasure (and maybe just a touch of control) melt into this haze around us.  It didn't matter where we were, just that we were both captured in this space where we are floating on the edge and just ready to dive in where we will get swallowed up.

Oh fuck baby.  Thats so good.  Yes,  fucking yes.  You're so good to Daddy.  Don't stop baby.  Don't stop.

His body was shaking and he was tensed up, waiting for the sweet release to come, waiting to fall over the edge.

Daddy's coming baby.  Oh FUCK…. Yes baby.  Swallow it all… such a good fucking girl.  Such a good giiirrlllll.

And with that he thrust into my mouth and shot his come into my mouth.  I swallowed once, and then again while I continued to suck out every last drop.  Even then I didn't want to stop.  I could not get enough of him….  I wanted more.  I always want more.

He moaned and sighed and laughed as he pulled my mouth from his cock as it was too sensitive for me to keep going for a while.  "Greedy girl…" he said to me, bopping me on the nose like a naughty kitty.  I licked my fingers and made sure I had gotten every drop looking over at him with big wide eyes, almost pouting because it was over.  He pulled me into his chest and hugged me.

"You are such a good girl.  Always wanting to please daddy," he said, "You can have some more later."

Republished with permission from Bad Bad Girl. Want to see your true tale of lust on Fleshbot? Contact us. Photo courtesy of Private.

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