The Best Softcore Lesbian Sex Scenes Are Timeless

And we don't care if it's cliche, "I've never done this before" is still one of our all-time favorite phrases to hear before someone has her first lesbian experience, usually because the response is "Shh," followed by tender kissing and stripping.

In the case of "Allyson Is Watching," the "Shh" is followed by all the stripping and smooching that we love, but also with a healthy dose of full frontal nudity, a garter belt, some curious foot-on-nipple action, and a ripping soundtrack that has the hook, "Damn fool, thought I lost you forever." Our only bummer is that we haven't seen any of the soaps that Jennifer Hammon has been in. If we had a time machine, we'd go back and watch some "General Hospital" and some "JAG." We also might show up on set in 1997 for this steamy action.

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