What Color Are Your Panties, Dianna Agron?

What Color Are Your Panties, Dianna Agron?We admit it: on more than a few occasions, when Dianna Agron appeared on "Glee" all dolled up in her Cheerios uniform (back when she was still a Cheerio, of course), we paid extra close attention to screen in the hopes that—perhaps while performing a routine?—her skirt might flip up and reveal a glimpse of the sweet goodness that is her panties.

Sadly, we never got to see an onscreen panty peek (probably due to those mean old censors at Fox). But it doesn't matter, because somewhere out there, someone was listening to our pleas, and while shooting a scene in our home town of all places, Dianna Agron's skirt flipped up—and her panties got recorded on camera. Saints be praised!

Now if someone could get us some sexy photos of Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, and Amber Fink, we'll have the complete set! (More Lea Michele and Heather Morris would also be acceptable).

· Via Taxi Driver Movie (taxidrivermovie.com)

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