Natalie Blair, World's First Scratch N' Sniff Model

Natalie Blair, World's First Scratch N' Sniff ModelNot only does Natalie Blair look absolutely stunning in all that latex, but this issue of Bizarre Magazine features a scratch n' sniff cover! And she's on the cover! What does Ms. Blair smell like? Wouldn't you like to know?

Our sources say she smells a bit rubbery from the material she's wearing, but we know that under that dark chemical smell lies Natalie's true essence: a fresh pheromone musk that'll make a photographer clutch his camera with both hands, desperately trying to shield himself from the full-blown decadence of her real life naked body. Or maybe she smells like flowers. You know, girls are funny like that.

Anyway, we think the scratch n' sniff cover is the best idea to hit lad mags since large breasts. Maybe it isn't cost effective, but we beg Bizarre to make more!

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