We're Bizarrely Attracted To That Nerd, Von

February 11, 2011 | Posted in Pornstars by ottimo-massimo

We're Bizarrely Attracted To That Nerd, VonUgh, look at that nerd, Von. She's so nerdy with her tight underwear, her enthusiasm for comics as a legitimate art form, her...Pac Man nipple stickers. Is it getting hot in here? Why do we feel like making joystick jokes?

We'll resist the urge for now, but only because Bizarre Magazine was nice enough to show us behind-the-scenes footage of Von's hyper-nerdy photoshoot for their Geek Issue. You know, Von, we admit that we think comics are terribly underrated by the art world and soon enough they'll see that the whole hierarchy of art is really backwards and stupid and we love it when you quote our favorite N64 games and can we have your number pleeeease?

· See more at Bizarre Magazine (bizarremag.com)

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