One Sweaty Sandra Bullock Sex Scene, Extra Tribal

You know, maybe we’re a little late to say this, but we don’t see why Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock. What, Bombshell McGee was wilder? She never put on tribal paint and had sex in the Amazon, did she?

Because if “Fire on the Amazon” is anything to believe, Sandra is way freakier than people imagine her to be. Plus, listen to the music in this scene. It’s intolerable, and yet we still watch it to see Sandra do her thing (and some sideboob).

· “Fire on the Amazon” (1993) (

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’d forgotten this had even existed. Nice work digging up the only reason it’s ever rented…

  • fxsoap

    A hippies fantasy?!
    Yeah! never wash my dreads but I bagged Sandra B!

    Lots of boob…some freaky has-to-be sex. Wow.
    Never saw this. How’d she ever go mainstream after that?

  • Anonymous

    Amazing: she’s completely naked through the entire scene, yet we barely even get side-nipple!