The Looks Of Stoya’s First DP Scene

We’ve talked a lot about Stoya’s first DP scene, we know—but trust us, it’s for good reason. Because now that we’ve actually seen the scene in question, we have to say that it is simply divine.

What makes the scene work so well isn’t plot (there is none) or camera work or staging (though those are great, of course); it’s the fact that these three performers so very, very clearly want to be here, doing exactly this—and are totally getting off on the whole filthy scenario. Though the DP is clearly the heart of the matter, there’s so much more to love: the white hot chemistry between Stoya and her co-stars, the enthusiastic blowjobs, the rimming (done by Stoya!), and, of course, the dirty talk. Trust us, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Stoya say, “Steve, fuck my ass. Stick your dick in my asshole.”

But if you’re still not completely convinced, check out the video above. Hey, if we can’t convince you that this scene is amazing, Stoya’s joyful moans should do the trick.

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  • Conrad

    The camera in this was really bad. It made everything in the center look way too pale, vainy pale. Also creepy old guy in DP action is creepy.

    There are some really great scenes, but the camera choice was bad. Also the tag line didn’t really live up to it’s bad girls starting where others girls stop. Anal isn’t very taboo anymore, and DP although hot, is also pretty easy to find. I was expecting much more.

  • leg_man

    Haha. Was this edited for YouTube?

  • gybek

    wow… she is amazing.. glad she is back!

  • Refused_is_fucking

    the rimming (done by Stoya!)

    Ok. I have found the nerve, finally. It’s “tongue-punch the fart-box”. My new favourite. & Stoya does it superlatively.

  • Anonymous

    A smiling Stoya makes the world a better place. Puppies, kittens, and Stoya having sex.

  • hardbargaining

    Jesus Christ I hate the fucking stupid, useless, absolutely distracting and unsexy face slapping that is becoming so very prominent in porn.

  • hardbargaining

    I wonder, was there any enthusiastic pussy eating for Stoya to enjoy?

  • Curse_Your_Sudden_But_Inevitable_Betrayal

    Wow, what does it say about porn when smiling while having sex is *refreshing* in a scene?

  • PikaPika

    I know she was enjoying it, but I would’ve liked less slapping and more kissing. Much more kissing.

  • weewilly73

    I’m not a big fan of the slapping myself, but hey if she likes it and he likes it and the dog barks and the birds sing and the sun shines, well who am I to stand in their way. For the record I’d cut out my own kidney and lick it in front of her if it made Stoya smile.