The Looks Of Stoya's First DP Scene

We've talked a lot about Stoya's first DP scene, we know—but trust us, it's for good reason. Because now that we've actually seen the scene in question, we have to say that it is simply divine.

What makes the scene work so well isn't plot (there is none) or camera work or staging (though those are great, of course); it's the fact that these three performers so very, very clearly want to be here, doing exactly this—and are totally getting off on the whole filthy scenario. Though the DP is clearly the heart of the matter, there's so much more to love: the white hot chemistry between Stoya and her co-stars, the enthusiastic blowjobs, the rimming (done by Stoya!), and, of course, the dirty talk. Trust us, you haven't lived until you've heard Stoya say, "Steve, fuck my ass. Stick your dick in my asshole."

But if you're still not completely convinced, check out the video above. Hey, if we can't convince you that this scene is amazing, Stoya's joyful moans should do the trick.

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