True Sex Stories: Unashamed

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True Sex Stories: UnashamedHis fingers penetrated me and I instinctively pushed back.  Unashamedly taking the pleasure he was giving out.  He leaned over me and growled into my ear.  I whimpered, starting to squirm. 

SirX walked in, greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then he immediately went towards the main floor to find a place for us to play.  We moved the spanking bench to the stage area and stand facing away from the room.  He stood in front of me and just stared at me.  I was uncomfortably playful, unsure of what was to come.  He circled me, looking me up and down.  I laughed, "Did you just ‘check me out'?"


"Can I keep my panties on?" I asked.

"Yes, and your boots."


I straddled the spanking bench while he attached yellow suction cups to my nipples.  They were tight and pulled on my nipples.  Then he had me lie over the bench.  I closed my eyes and let myself go.  He had explained that tonight he would be watching me.  Inspecting me.  Paying attention to my body, my responses, my movements.  It made me nervous and excited at the same time.  All evening I had been sitting in wet panties waiting for him to arrive.

It began with him running his hands over my skin, caressing and kissing my back, whispering in my ear.  Telling me how sexy and pretty I was.  It was sensual and I could not help but to respond by arching my back, lifting my head to nuzzle my face against his chest, lean over to kiss his arm.  When he reached unto my panties, I was wet and had just about forgotten the room of people.  I have no idea if people were watching or not.  His fingers penetrated me and I instinctively pushed back.  Unashamedly taking the pleasure he was giving out.  He leaned over me and growled into my ear.  I whimpered, starting to squirm.  My eyes were closed and I didn't think about whether or not there were eyes on me.  His eyes were on me, I could feel them burning onto my skin.

He fucked me with his fingers deep and fast until I started to come.  He knew I was going to, I didn't bother to ask.  It was far too loud for him to hear me.  His intention was not to just excite me.  I was sure of this.  He was trying to make me cum, in public, in a room full of people.  I didn't try to fight it.  It didn't matter- nobody could see me… I was gone.

The second and third orgasm came easier, and with more of my thrashing and squirming on the bench.  In between he would move next to me, rubbing his cheek against my skin, allowing me to nuzzle against him, listening to him talk to me in the low tones.  It was very sensual.  Very intimate.  Very hot.

Afterwards, SirX inserted the Smart Balls inside me.  I could feel then moving as he punched against my bottom a few times.  With each strike, the balls vibrated inside me.  They were against my g-spot, filling me.  He spanked and punched my ass, sometimes simply thrusting his cock against me.  All actions to make the balls vibrate inside me.  I'm very accustomed to them, so it wasn't a shocking sensation, but an enjoyable addition to the spanking.  He would push his fingers against my cunt, and let me rub against him a few times.  Spanking, punching, then I would lower myself on the spanking bench, rubbing my greedy cunt against his fingers.  It was indulgent and probably looked a bit vulgar.

I broke for some water, and we engaged in some fun and playful banter.  It surprised me how lighthearted and fun he was, as he seemed so serious in our conversations leading up to today.  Then we resumed. He continued to spank me, softer, harder, MUCH harder.  Stopping to let me rub my cunt against his finger.  He would spend a lot of time touching my body, stroking my back- caressing my skin, pulling my hair.  Kissing me.  For all the spanking, what I felt was his touch.  The energy between us was thick in the air.  It surrounded me.

The whole scene lasted about an hour I think.  From the distance, I think it may have looked like we were just making out- it sure felt that way.  After wards, he wrapped me in a blanket, hugged me, cuddled me and continued to tell me that he thinks I'm beautiful.


Not the end…

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