Position Of The Week: Opening The Flower

Position Of The Week: Opening The FlowerLooking to spice up your sex life? Need a new way to do the deed? Welcome to Fleshbot’s Position of the Week, where we’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and sex positions to make your bedroom excursions much more memorable.

To kick things off, we’ll be starting with the basics—and what’s more basic than eating pussy? Take a good long look at our gorgeous assistants Ryan Keely and Justine Joli as they demonstrate today’s lesson: Opening the Flower.

Position Type: Cunnilingus

What It’s Good For: As the name suggests, Opening the Flower is a good way to get things started. With the legs closed, access is limited to the labia and the tip of the clit—all the better to get a girl warmed up (or just tease, tease, tease). Where you focus the bulk of your attention will depend on the needs of the lady in question: for some women, heavy focus on the clit is all that matters; others will appreciate a healthy dose of labia loving.

Follow It Up With: Got your lady good and warmed up? Amp things up a notch by parting her legs and diving in a little deeper. Or, if analingus is on the menu, you can always move your tongue from the labia down to the back door.

· Models: Justine Joli and Ryan Keely (justinejoli.com + ryankeely.com)
· Photo by Ellen Stagg (staggstreet.com)

  • zegota

    Got a curvy woman, so this position’s pretty much a nonstarter, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh. Nice idea for a series, and +1 for Justine Joli, I’ve had a girlcrush on her for years.
    Interesting position, I’ve never thought of it, granted I’m not that big on receiving.

    I would add a ‘pro-tip’ to this or any other cunnilingus advice – use (also) hands. Of course every woman is different, however as a big fan of penetrations, and a shy girl, I just wanted to put that out there.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t this have a #gay tag, since there are two women? Or is lesbian sex by and for lesbians invisible to Fleshbot?

  • Anonymous

    Who can keep their legs up like that for a extended period of time? Not me that’s for sure. My hip flexors are tight tight tight. I can feel the charlie horse now in my hip :(

    Thought it looks hot ;)

  • Mr.Gawn

    For some reason, the term ‘opening the flower’ sounds a lil strange. How often do people open flowers?