"Weeds": Mary Louise Parker Gets Freaky (Finally!)

Oh “Weeds,” it’s been so long since you featured a hot sex scene that showcased Mary Louise Parker’s boobs, we’d almost forgotten that you used to be one of our favorite sexy shows. But last night…oh, how we remembered.

For those of you who didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed: hot, hot sex between Nancy and a bartender—one played by Mark-Paul Gosselar, aka Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell.” If that description hasn’t made you too lightheaded to operate your computer, check out the clip above. Oh, “Weeds”…we’re really going to have to start tuning in regularly again.

· “Weeds” (sho.com)

  • The Cannibal

    man O man O schewitz !!!!!

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

    this is indeed GREAT news .

    yep, if Mary Louise is back in the

    boobeh baring business, im BUYING !


  • Camille Crimson

    I just wish we would have seen full frontal from Zack. I imagine him being as big as his early 90s cell phone.

  • brianfla38

    i would have to agree with the both of you, but i of course am more interested in the girl parts, the labia that is

  • Greta Switch

    “Weeds” is getting bushy again!

  • ChokeHerGently

    The wife and I watched Preppie fuck the Jim Beam out of Nancy and then we hit the coffee table for some of our own freakiness. I FUCKING LOVE WEEDS! Plus we were high!

  • gouki369

    @Camille Crimson: LOL! You and Lux are great. While I’m never going to complain about all of the Tiffany Amber-Theissen pictures or the Shannon Elizabeth movies….the girls should definitely get their shot at Mario and Mark. The fairer sex definitely gets the shaft (or not in this case) when it comes to the male stars showing themselves off.

  • Tony Kaye

    Damn that was great. It was rough, dirty, bitey and had Zack Morris. Who could ask for more?

  • The Cannibal

    why is everyone so exited over

    ‘ Zach Morris ‘ the preppie from

    Saved by the Bell ???????

    everyone knows AC Slater was THE

    man !

  • MindTricked

    Finally, a bit of light in a relatively-mediocre (dare I say bad?) season. I’m thinking the show’s run its course, sadly.

    That scene was hot as hell, though, and is Mary Louise Parker the most fuckable woman on television? I wouldn’t argue against it.

  • Refused_is_fucking

    Coming from Beer City, I have to admit: the moment loses a little, considering how casually they wasted that bottle of suds.

  • I once put five dollars worth of Who Let the Dogs Out? into a Waffle House jukebox.

    Hell to the yeah! First That 1 Guy with “Buttmachine”, and now Fol Chen… I hope Weeds gets their name out to a wider audience.

  • Clare

    That. Was. AWESOME.

  • Snowbunny

    I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…SCARED.

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    So. It appears that I need to start watching this show?