Who Really Has Yurizan Beltran’s First Boy/Girl Scene?

Who Really Has Yurizan Beltran's First Boy/Girl Scene?This morning we received a press release from Digital Playground announcing the online release of Yurizan Beltran’s first ever boy/girl scene. Very exciting stuff, of course—but we couldn’t shake the nagging suspicion that something wasn’t right.

Then, a few hours later, it hit us: how could Digital Playground have shot Yurizan Beltran’s first ever boy/girl scene with Scott Nails if, just a few weeks ago, we’d posted a picture from Yurizan Beltran’s first ever boy/girl scene—one shot for YuriLuv.com, with Derrick Pierce?

Below we have a screencap from YuriLuv.com (click to enlarge) and the text of Digital Playground’s press release. Look them over, then let us know: who do you think is telling the truth—and who’s fudging the facts to get your clicks?

First, the screencap:

Who Really Has Yurizan Beltran's First Boy/Girl Scene?

And Digital Playground’s release:


For the first-time ever, Digital Playground releases a scene prior to the movie’s release only on http://www.digitalplayground.com/
this Thursday, October 7th

October 6, 2010 —- VAN NUYS, Calif. —- Luscious adult starlet and LA Direct Model Yurizan Beltran (www.sweetyurizan.com), who traditionally shoots girl/girl scenes announces her first ever boy/girl scene shot exclusively for Digital Playground.

Yurizan’s First Boy/Girl scene, due to release Thursday, Oct. 7th, showcases the sultry starlet’s famous big breasts enjoyed by Scott Nails before he thoroughly enjoys all of her.

“I have been a fan of Yurizan for as long as I can remember. I thought it was my birthday when her agent offered us the chance to shoot her first b/g scene.” remarks Robby D., “Yurizan lived up to her reputation and then some.”

“I was very nervous before shooting the scene,” says Yurizan. “But I wasn’t nervous about the sex, after 6 years of doing girl on girl, I was finally ready to do a boy/girl scene. It was the dialog that made me nervous. But once I got that down and the cameras were rolling, I was relaxed and totally enjoyed it.”

Yurizan said she didn’t expect to be as connected as she was with the talent and it opened up a whole new genre to explore within the porn world. “It was hot and slutty and I loved it,” she said. “And, it was for Digital Playground, the best and most professional company I’ve ever been associated with.”

Farley Cahen, COO of Digital Playground adds, “Yurizan is one of the most scintillating starlets in the business. We are extremely excited to feature her in her first boy/girl scene and we expect a record number of fans to visit DigitalPlayground.com to see all the hot action.”

Check out the monumental release of Yurizan Beltran’s first B/G scene exclusively at:


Yurizan was a 2010 XBIZ nominee for Web Babe/Starlet of the Year; 2010 AVN nominee in the All Girl Group Sex category and 2009 AVN nominee for Starlet of the Year.

  • The Cannibal

    those Bazooongas cant be real…..

    can they ????? !!!!!

    * drool fap drool fap *

  • joy3

    According to another site (boobieblog.com)Yuri also had a glory-hole photo shoot even before the yuriluv.com scene. Maybe it doesn’t count if the penis doesn’t come with a body?

  • Refused_is_fucking

    It’s prolly a Let It Be/Abbey Road deal.

  • The Cannibal

    hmmm, lemme see h’yah….

    this voluptuous lass has some

    eye-popping Uber-hooterage

    and YET, to ponder at its/their

    ponderance is verbotten ?????

    someone please send the memo

    where it states that 2010′s

    NEW ” the love that dare not

    speaketh it’s name “- is tits .

    * grumble grumble *

  • hodayathink is walking in the glow of love

    Ummm, I hate to spoil both their parades, but:


    If I had to guess, it’s her website first, Naughty America second, Digital Playground third.

  • Super_fly

    well DP is quoting saying she’s a bit nervous to do her first boy/girl. SO i’m betting DP had first dibs and the different release dates are just because of the time for editing, legal stuff, etc etc

  • Anonymous

    More than likely her website http://www.yuriluv.com butt she is probably saying that cause digital playground would pay her more, since when do porn chicks tell the truth