Jessica Alba’s CGI Nude Scene: Is This The Future Of Movie "Nudity"?

Jessica Alba's CGI Nude Scene: Is This The Future Of Movie "Nudity"?When the first footage of “Machete” started to leak out, it seemed like a buffet of celebrity nudity: constant exposed flesh from Lindsay Lohan! Jessica Alba in the shower! Other, future famous women dancing around with nothing on at all!

But then, as we started to learn more, we realized that what seemed like a beautiful oasis of famous flesh was actually just a mirage. Lindsay Lohan’s nudity? Body double. Jessica Alba? CGI.

A story in today’s Daily Mail discusses the CGI scene, which allowed the modest Alba to be nude(ish) without actually taking off her clothes—and includes the graphic at left, which depicts Alba before and after her clothes were digitally removed.

Now, if a relatively low budget film like “Machete” can pull a stunt like this, we can only imagine what someone the likes of James Cameron could pull off. But just because we can do it…should we?

Sure, there’ll likely be quite a few stars who are thrilled by the chance to get naked without actually getting naked. And there’s no doubt that a little CGI flesh could make doing those sex scenes a whole lot more comfortable. But as cinema becomes less and less verite, are we losing something in the process? After all, what’s the difference between Alba’s “Machete” scene and, well, this?

We’ll let you be the judge.

· The naked truth: How Jessica Alba went nude without actually taking her clothes off (

  • Thornhill

    I’ll take my share of the responsibility, but maybe a NSFW on the photoshopped cum shot link would be appropriate.

  • grem28

    A little warning on *this* would have been greatly appreciated.

  • scrapplejoe


  • scrapplejoe

    Just noticed she has a little gut in real life… and they CGI’d the gut out as well… look at the pics

  • SB-152

    I do this kind of work all the time. This is not a very challenging or expensive shot at all. Very little movement equals almost no motion tracking required. Photoshop, After Effects done in 3 hours including render. Without a wacom for painting maybe 4 at most.

  • sMACkaddict

    sure there is a body double for lindsay lohan when shes in their pool shooting the porno scene, but when she wakes up with her mom in the church, thats all her…

  • Anonymous

    I though that looked kinda odd…

  • fyngyrz

    Look, how is this different from removing tattoos, like Angelina Jolie’s? Or smoothing out the complexion of a centerfold? Movies are, believe it or not, all fakery. That’s the point. The story is a lie. The characters are a lie. The clothing is a lie. The guns, the explosions, the robots, the spacecraft, the “face-swaps”, the planets… all lies. So if a breast is a lie… so what? Do you seriously go to movies hoping to see the breast(s) of a particular actress? It seems like a complete waste of money to me. Me, I watch to enjoy the lies. The story, the images, the flight of imagination. The better they get at lying, the better the stories will be. And no, I *don’t* want to look at Angelina or Megan’s tattoos, nor do I think they have inherently superior breasts as compared to anyone else.

  • countjackula

    I can see the lawsuits coming when she actually takes her clothes off on camera and her boobs look nothing like that and the studio who did the digital version feels cheated.
    I’m so tempted to go to law school and become a nudity lawyer, where the case research will consist of looking at hundreds of pictures and videos of naked women.

  • Tarv

    Almost as upsetting as when I found out this was a fake.

  • Deenutz

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I flogged it so many times to our little Alba’s hot scenes in machete and now it appears that all I have done is whack it to an imposter!!!!!! Might as well sit down and tug one out to Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deenutz

    I am truly heart broken!!!!

  • Anonymous

    digital? real? if it looks real to my eyes, it’s good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Christina Hendricks next, please!

  • SeraphX2

    I just find it weird that people who have had no problems doing sex scenes and nudity, suddenly care. If they cared, they wouldn’t be doing it. If they do care and do it anyway, they are sellouts for fame, which makes me have no respect for them.

    I actually have respect for Playboy Bunnies. They are tasteful in their nudity and they like to do it.

  • milian

    its bit odd Lindsay Lohan used a body double when she has recently done some very revealing, and topless shots.

  • milian

    It’s a bit odd Lindsay Lohan using a body double when she has recently done some very revealing, and topless photshoots.

  • Serolf Divad

    I am sooooo totally depressed now.

  • tedfords

    my problem is this: nudity in film is often used horribly. sometimes it is incredibly meaningful and a striking statement from the script/actor/director that changes or affects the film in an amazing way. Other times it’s visual porn or meant to be “striking” and is just simply unneeded. Now, i know writing this some will say “nudity unneeded? when is nudity ever unneeded? IT’S NUDITY!!” well it’s true. take Swordfish. not a great film but good. did i really need to see Halle Berry’s tits? Did it make the film better or more meaningful? there’s the argument that she was seducing Hugh Jackman within the story but there are other ways to show that. ok, this is becoming a rant and losing it’s point. Nudity isn’t always best for a film. in fact it sometimes detracts. (alba’s beautiful, isn’t she sexy in underwear? why do i need cgi boobs?)

  • justjc51

    So when do this nude option come in my video editing program. Would be a nice filter to use on some films ;-)

  • Anonymous

    What about Linsey Lohan in the film, is that real?

  • seanmcr6

    Can you imagine Jack saying he didn’t feel comfortable sticking his face through the broken door with all that splintered wood…can you just CGI it?

    Tom Hanks NOT losing all that weight (Philadelphia and Castaway)…just CGI it

    I personally think the best performances are given by the performers who put themselves through the “process” of the experience(s) they are portraying.

    If you are Jessica Alba, why would you be ok with them digitally making you naked? Didn’t Jessica sue Playboy a few years ago because they had her on the cover and she felt they were “insinuating” that she was naked in the magazine when she wasn’t…and that false representation made her uncomfortable? Something like that.

    If you believe the performance is important and the scene justifies the content (nudity/violence/sex/etc) and it’s not simply gratuitous…why wouldn’t you want to do it yourself? If you’re a real actor and believe in your professional I mean.


  • Anonymous

    In other news, is going out of business.


    I noticed she got a little digital tummy tuck, too.

  • space_monkey

    Wow, I forgot Alba’s face looked so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    working in the industry, I am very well aware of the issues surrounding just getting someone in their underwear. The union is crazy strict about it. It can be rather annoying having to follow their rules just to have a woman in her jeans and bra, much less nude or simulating sex.

    CGI is preferred over a double for the same reason they would rather have actors doing at least some of their own stunts and fights. You don’t have to pull back angles and hide faces.

    And even with it being a CGI clothing removal, the boys will still be adding that scene to their libraries.

  • redman042

    Since most Hollywood actresses have had plastic surgery, which in my mind is just a real-world version of CGI, I don’t really see how this makes movies any more fake.

  • ryanfleonard

    I work in post production and have actually had to do something similar. The actress got paid more for nude scenes so to keep costs down (it was an indie feature) she only shot one scene topless. The several other shots in the sequence had to be digitally altered to remove clothing. Personally i feel it’s a waste of my time just to save a bit of money. Either way the actor/actress will look nude, does it really matter if they do it on set or in post? Does their “integrity” stay intact if its not real? There’s no reason anyone should feel ripped off for this, however. Movies have always tricked your eye or your mind in some way, this is no different. If you’re entertained, what difference does it make if it’s real or not.

  • Anonymous

    This is retarded. She isn’t even showing anything so why couldn’t she actually be naked? Then here is the other thing what if they did show her nipples, for all that she might as well get naked.

  • Anthony Kramer

    Its not uncommon to add clothing for a trailer which is what I believe was done in this case.

  • Ding-DangBlog

    They could have also just bubbled the scene.

  • Teslanaut

    Pfft. As if anyone cares. You can still fap to it. I mean come on. It’s the frickin Dark Angel.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody seems to realize that is not a matter of being prude but of money.
    You want to “see” my boobs? Pay. You can’t pay? Well, you can paint them.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never understood the complaints about Hollywood sex scenes being uncomfortable with the amount of porn being made every year.

  • tylerbrainerd

    wow. They took off about 15 pounds along with the clothes.

  • rl78

    I thought I saw her show titty in The Killer Inside Me, I could be wrong. She had some crazy sex scenes with Casey Affleck in that.

  • sip | bearstronaut

    Machete don’t text.

  • petethepanda

    Was the scene later on with Actual Lohan nudity also the CGI stuff?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notices that besides the clothes they remove a little gut?

  • The Commenter Formerly Known As Billybird

    I like that picture. I know it’s fake, but it didn’t matter. I’m going to bed now, right after I have a smoke.

  • goodbyebluesky

    my erection was later removed through digital technology

  • themightyspitz

    You know who bared it all like a champ? Jessica Biel. And you know what? She’s hotter.

    Yes, I just went there.

  • Duc

    No nip or lip and it aint nudity

  • CaffineFreakUs

    Lisa: How could you have sex with all of those women?
    Joe Young: I didn’t it was CGI
    Lisa: CGI? So you aren’t touching all of those women’s breasts?
    Joe Young: Oh no they’re all just special effects.

  • Lite: an adventurer is me!

    So, is this the new photoshop? Just remove the clothes, and while you’re at it get rid of the stretch marks, or add in 6 pack abs?

  • Lite: an adventurer is me!

    She already had a nip slip moment in Into the Blue anyway.

  • KaosTheoryx

    just think what would happen if the porn industry gets there hands on this.
    goodbye real porn

  • mtfmuffins

    Am I the only one who feels the lingerie version might have actually been hotter? No doubt flesh is flesh, but for me what’s not seen can be as sexy as what is. Especially when you’ve seen so much of it, like it’s on overload. Obviously this wish would never be fulfilled in a movie like machete, but I give you this mental image: Halle Berry in the sexiest lingerie you can imagine. Ok. Now Halle Berry in Swordfish, where she went topless. I wasn’t impressed. I don’t know anyone who was. That being said, Jessica Alba is gorgeous. And when she’s not all coked up, so is Lindsay. What can I say? I’m torn.

  • Berkeley

    It was all digital!

  • safsephiroth666

    All I’m saying…

  • Taras Voronin

    To quote harold and kumar, “Katie Holmes is a nice, wholesome girl, and I get to see her boobs”.

    There is a huge difference difference between touch-up and fake. This is truly a sad day…

  • MasterYong

    It’s odd to me that Alba allowed that. She’s always been against doing nude scenes (not that I’ve checked…), and even though she wasn’t nude during filming, it still looks to the rest of the world like she’s nude.


  • alexthehuge

    I saw her CGI boob move!

    Bad rotoscopers! Bad!

  • prometeum

    You created this CGI Frankestein monster by supporting it with your money, now deal with it.

    I did too but my words would not be as ominous if shared part of the guilt hehehe.

    By CGI, I mean the computer generated graphics industry, not Jessica Alba.

    She’s fine.

  • NyQuilDreams

    I really do not see the difference between them actually being naked… or having clothing on and someone makes them naked using there natural body curves. Its the same thing, IMO.


    Come on! These bra and panties are photoshoped! It’s so obvious! It’s a fake, you fools!
    Why would she wear a such covering underwear (I mean the whole butt is covered!)?! To make it harder work for CG designers?!

  • Dumad

    From now on, I will only believe in Home Made Porn…

  • babarois

    Now I’m pretty sure that her breasts (and clearly her belly) aren’t nearly as great as we think they are and that she doesn’t feel comfortable with her body.

    Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense for her to insist in not making nude scenes and taking roles (and photoshoots) that require her to be naked.

    @fyngyrz has a point about we enjoying lies. But those lies, and the fact that many of those we take them as true, are part of the reasons for us to have unreal aspirations (our life is never going to be good enough, our girlfriend hot enough or our car fast enough).

    As of me, I’d rather see her real body. I’ll still find her really hot.

  • KegParty

    Ummm.. did they make her a bit skinnier too? Seems that way, but I can’t quite tell.

  • Alchemistmerlin

    Women in movies/television/porn are fake. They have been for a very long time. More CG is just an extension of that, and not a surprising or bad one at all. It’s the same trick with different tech, who cares? What does it matter to you whether you’re seeing Jessica Alba’s real tits or cg tits, if your eye can’t see the difference without being told?

  • Anonymous

    This is almost as bad as me getting turned on by a Na’vi.

  • mike81

    “James Cameron could pull off”

    … to CGI nudity!

  • Anonymous

    So she’s not happy to be naked but is happy to be digitally edited to look completely naked? Talk about splitting hairs.

  • Wonko.The.Sane

    I’ve not seen the movie in full but based on the clip above, is that brief shot prior to cutting to the head closeup actually necessary? What’s more, does any woman actually stand like that? CGI or not, she looks carefully positioned so that you can’t see the “rude” parts. From a suspension-of-disbelief point of view they may as well just covered her boobs with a notice saying “Remember: you are watching a movie!”

  • Phosphorus Astatine

    I like to believe they shopped the bra and undies ON her in the left picture. Hooray for ignorance!

  • Phosphorus Astatine

    I like to believe the bra and undies were shopped ON her in the left picture. Hooray for ignorance!

  • Bean Burrito

    Just like the detectors that TSA uses to beat to naked airline customers!

  • Phosphorus Astatine

    I like to believe the bra and undies were shopped ON her in the left picture. Hooray for ignorance!

  • sLeoni

    Ah, the good old family-oriented Daily Mail…

  • neMouse

    Wait! Don’t you see? One of the biggest struggles movies have had when interpreting comic book based properties is making an outfit that looks good in a comic book look good in real life.

    So often those comic book outfits are really a person drawn naked but then colored in blue/red/black/etc.

    By using this very technology the solution is clear. Film the movie with the actors naked, then paint the costumes onto their skin digitally!


    (and imagine the sales for the unrated/deluxe/collectors/limited version on Blue-Ray)

  • cabrani0la

    This is just bad…

  • neMouse

    Does this effect the MPAA rating?

    Suddenly it’s ‘animated nudity’ rather than just ‘nudity’.

  • Drew Morris

    I don’t know… we look at models all the time that are air-brushed and think “wow… she’s hot” but the truth is that she doesn’t look like that at all. I don’t see any major difference between this type of modification and air brushing. Either way the reality is distorted and I doubt any of us would care while we were watching it if the illusion were good enough.

  • Anonymous

    I”m just glad they didn’t use “content-aware” like andrewjp33 did here.


  • Homer’s Enemy

    What about her appearance in The Killer Inside Me? She was about that nude in that.

  • Instantpontaneous

    This only makes me wonder, wouldn’t it have been much easier/cheaper to just have her shoot it nude than spending all the time to take the clothing away and add in skin and everything?

    And for the love of God… would Someone please explain to me how they film sex scenes in movies? I’ve spent much time on Google to no avail, and I feel like I can’t be the only one wondering…

    Edit: Tummy tuck? Hmm…

  • johdaxx

    Well, Robert Rodriguez has been mastering crazy CGI since Spy Kids and making cheapo movies great since El Mariachi.

    All I can say is if we’re at the point where we can take parts off, then we can put new parts on as well. Fembots FTW!

  • James R Langford II

    This is really sad commentary on what Hollywood expects women to look like when nude. I’d say less than 2% (and even less than that in America) have the physique (ahem, the fake physique) edited over her real body. Yes, it looks good but it also sets unrealistic expectations for both genders. Some guys will look for that, some girls will try to look like that. It takes a lot of time and dedication to shape yourself in such a way to fit a mold that only one person who matters will be able to appreciate. Meanwhile you could just rock an average body and work on skills/education that benefits a lot more than one person (like learning to fake nudes in to movies *rimshot*)

  • Anonymous


  • TechnicAli

    Did it occur to any of you that it could be the other way around?….

  • The_Cuttlefish_of_Cthulhu

    Whats the difference if a woman is digitally converted to being naked and actually being naked? Either way you end up on the screen naked.

  • edoutmax1

    The CGI Artist(s) had so much fun doing this. I know I would have, heck I had fun just watching it. :)

  • FiatMoney

    This is the first time I’ve called technology evil.

    This technology is evil.

  • stupidsimple

    I can see 90% of the actors in True Blood banging their heads on the wall now.

  • SewerShark

    In a few years, we won’t need actors, it will be all CGI.
    DAMN YOU FUTURE, gimme my naked movie chicks back.

  • UrascalU

    “there’ll likely be quite a few stars who are thrilled by the chance to get naked without actually getting naked.”

    That just doesn’t make sense. ‘Sure I’ll do a nude scene. I just don’t want to get nude tho.’

  • kyosen

    I wonder if they did this in The Killer Inside Me, though I bet a lot of that was just a body double.

    Shame on the Lohan body double.

  • Sturm

    Looks like she had her stomach flattened slightly through CGI, too. Bottom line: Probably 95% of everything gets retouched today through CGI, so we either get used to it or launch a massive campaign to protest it. Somehow, I doubt the latter will do any good.

  • SkipErnst

    The future? Isn’t this already commonplace?

    And, honestly, why would it even really matter if you will probably never meet the person in real life, let alone see them nude in real life.

  • sgerry

    And the BEST, they slimmed her abs. That sucks.

  • protodad

    Maybe its a girl thing, because I don’t get it?

    If I have an issue showing off my junk in front of a camera crew, I wouldn’t let them photoshop it on me after the fact and show it to millions of people.


    Actors get more money to do less… well done Hollywood… -.-’

  • MacAttack

    This is simply to depressing for words.

  • ImperfectLink

    I can see they flattened her stomach too which didnt need to be done. If she’s not willing to do the shots, then she’s best off in a role that doesn’t call for them. She’s still nice to look at clothed.

  • kall

    so now hollywood is doing what creepy photoshoppers around the world have been doing for years.
    I salute them.

  • Ryan

    what about the naked smurfette in Avatar? same thing.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the CGI was the clothes for the trailer. The clothes look fake to me in the trailer and in the pic posted here. In the theater she looked good to me, not that you really see anything anyways. Same with Bring Him to the Greek when he is riding in the house on the power wheels.

  • shananigans is The Sassy Best Friend™

    They also flattened her stomach. More things to make people feel insecure about their non-perfect bodies.

  • Anonymous


  • daath

    Alba is perfect, regardless.

  • CRX

    Bad link to the Alba fakes. I cant tell if this was a recent post. Sorry if its 3 years old or something.

    • Lux Alptraum

      It is a couple years old — we need to rejigger the popular tab so that it’s showing more recent posts.

  • Glasgow1975

    maybe it’ll stop all those sex scenes in US films where everybody keeps their underwear on

  • Ex Alba fan

    Actresses who use some one else’s naked body instead of their own are totally dishonest. If the movie calls for nudity then, if they are so prudish they should turn down the part and NOT LIE whilst pocketing the huge sums of money by FAKING and misleading their fans. BE HONEST OR DON’T DO THE MOVIE.